Why is the formatting so horrible? I cannot change the font at all and if I create a list, the font changes, but when I get out of the list, the font stays the same, meaning that it is different from when I started. My notes look horrible as a result.

I paid for the premium features, but if I cannot have better control over style formatting, I will quit using this and go to something else.

Sorry you feel that way, we hope to bring more configuration options in the future, see The features we are working on right now…

For now, the iOS app and inline image support has our primary focus though.

Perhaps this is a bug? I cannot even get the style formatting to change. I highlight text and pick a different style format and nothing happens. did something change with the system update to Mac OS 10.13.4?

Not that I’m aware of, can you send us a screen recording our screenshots to illustrate the problem?

Not sure that this will help… The top part of the shot shows a note after I had tried to make a list. The font changed and everything after that is in that font. Changing a style formatting does nothing, though re-fomatting to something other than a list just removes the list identifiers [dashes, numbers, checkbox].

The previous note shows the normal formatting. I do not know what happened to change the font in the top note. I have never seen this behavior before and I have other notes with lists that keep the correct font and type face.


Ah, I see already, you eigher selected the fixed width inline (text) formatting style, or you selected the prefornatted paragraph style. Both are meent for fixed width text without formatting, like code snippets for example. Switching back to the body paragraph style or selecting the text and making it not fixed width should turn it back to normal (see Format menu).


Not sure how that happened, as I always steer clear of both fixed width and preformatted styles. But that fixed things. Thanks.


Glad to hear that was it. Most likely you got into it by mishitting a keyboard shortcut (in case it was a paragraph style) or used backticks (in case it was the fixed width inline style).

Probably, but being perfect :innocent::rofl:, I hardly think I would make such a blunder!

Thanks for the help and I apologize for my earlier frustrated post!



Can we have a “normal” or “remove styles” entry in the list of type styles, please?

Also, it’s quite confusing (and seemingly a bit broken too) having both “Format -> Styles -> preformatted” and “Format -> Fixed Width”. It’s unclear how and when to use either. And, which one is created when you use the markdown-esque backticks?

I say “broken” above because I keep getting it into states similar to the one described in the thread. It’s a bit like that problem you get in MS Word where you can put the cursor in an area of white-space at/near the end of a note/document and discover text comes out in a format/style left over from some previous selection, despite not having explicitly selected that bit of white space before. Without a “clear formatting” option, it’s quite difficult to reset to “plain” text.

“Body” is the “Normal” style in Agenda. You can use that to clear the paragraph styles.

“Preformatted” is a paragraph style, applying to the whole paragraph just like headings, list items etc. Ie any time you press return, you are creating a new paragraph. Preformatted makes the whole paragraph monospaced font. You could think of it as a “block” of text. In markdown, you would use an indented block to create this.

“Fixed Width” is what you get from backticks. It is an inline style similar to bold, italic, strikethrough etc It only applies to a part of a paragraph.

These styles are grouped together with styles that behave similarly throughout the UI. So “fixed width” is found with the other inline styles, etc.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the descriptions.