Formatting palette can't be closed on Agenda 17

What I did:

  1. Opened Agenda 17 for Mac
  2. Clicked on the little circle next to a paragraph to open the formatting palette.
  3. Clicked elsewhere on the note. The formatting palette looks like it disappears but actually has gone behind the main Agenda window.
  4. Click on another little circle to try to reopen the formatting palette. It reappears, seemingly correctly, but…
  5. Click elsewhere on the note. The formatting palette stays where it is, and now can’t be dismissed. The View menu shows a Hide Formatting Palette option but it doesn’t seem to have any effect.

What happened:

Formatting palette can’t be dismissed, and starts to behave strangely (won’t reopen next to another paragraph when little circle is clicked, leaves behind a copy of itself when dragged into its own floating window).

What I expected:

Formatting palette to disappear when clicking elsewhere in the note.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda 17
  • macOS 13.2.1 on M1

I had the same thing happen to me. I had to quit and reopen Agenda to get rid of it

Same here. After trying to hide the Formatting palette (using the menu or the keyboard shortcut, and after doing several times) the palette remains in the foreground, blocking a portion of the left upper program window. Agenda has to be quit to restore the normal program UI environment.

Thanks for reporting, we’ll take a look.

Ditto ( I filed a bug report)

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More information… the first time, when clicking away and the palette “disappears” (which, again, is misleading because it hasn’t actually closed—it just goes behind the main window; you can still see it if you move the main window), this appears in the console logs:

ERROR: Setting <private> as the first responder for window <private>, but it is in a different window (<private>)! This would eventually crash when the view is freed. The first responder will be set to nil.


Then, the second time, when clicking elsewhere (when I expect the palette to be dismissed but it stays), this appears in the console logs:

Cannot remove an observer <NSPopover 0x600001643a70> for the key path "_appearanceForAttachedPopovers" from <Agenda.DocumentWindow 0x150f85920> because it is not registered as an observer.

I’m not using any of the new window functionality. This is all done in the main window.

Ok, perfect thanks Mandy. I believe it (hopefully) works better in the 17.0.1 update we have in the works, let us know if that’s not the case.

The problem remains in 17.0.1. Here is a screen recording:

The same console error appears:

ERROR: Setting <private> as the first responder for window <private>, but it is in a different window (<private>)! This would eventually crash when the view is freed. The first responder will be set to nil.


This behaviour is the same on both an Intel Mac and an M1 Mac, and the same whether Stage Manager is enabled or not.

The only difference I can tell from 17.0 is that the copy of the palette that is “left behind” is now transparent instead of having a background.

Argh, very annoying, you’re not using a third party windowing tool or plugin of some sort? And what about accessibility settings?

No third party windowing tools, just plain vanilla macOS. No special accessibility settings that I’m aware of; were there any that you’d like me to check?

No settings like Reduced transparency or increased contrast in the system settings? And are you using Agenda on a secondary screen?

Another question, does it matter in which note/project you trigger the formatting window? And does it still happen directly after a restart of your Mac?

Not using Reduced Transparency or increased contrast. Both Macs are only single screen. Project/note doesn’t seem to matter; I can trigger it from any paragraph of any note. Happens even directly after a restart.

Update: 17.0.2 sort of fixes it! The palette now doesn’t get “stuck” open, but there is still an oddity where the first time it opens, clicking elsewhere doesn’t close it (it just moves behind the main window). The next time it is opened will behave normally, then after that the weird behaviour repeats. Here is a recording showing what I mean:

Very odd but glad it already works better. There’s still something specific to your Macs, either a utility or a setting we haven’t discovered yet. If you can think about something let us know. What happens btw if you drag the palette to become a window, does it function normally?

Yes, if I drag it out, it functions normally. However, clicking the red dot doesn’t close it (similarly to the behaviour in earlier versions). If I reopen it using the little circle next to a paragraph, it relocates itself next to that paragraph and starts behaving normally again.

I tend to run my Macs very vanilla, without much in the way of 3rd party utilities or such.

But that’s the thing, even the red dots are not supposed to be there. It sounds like either the system or a third party utility is swapping out the window that Agenda creates for a different one.

Here’s another video showing how the behaviour interacts with the “Show/hide Formatting Palette” menu option. Maybe there’s a clue in there?

Hey there — hopping in from the other thread :slight_smile: yes agreed, improvement but still some odd behavior. Sometimes takes some clicking (focus then not focus on the palette) and it eventually closes.

For what it’s worth I don’t see any red dots on mine.

I’m opposite of MandyK that I usually run (too many) 3rd party utilities so I can experiment to see if any of them are causing issues.

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Still have the same issue.