Formatting: Line spacing adjustment?

Is there a way to adjust the formatting? Line spacing (the space between lines of text) is way too open for my tastes.


Not yet, but we have plans to give some control in future. Should not be too long.



Can you tell what you mean with not too long?

We introduced the ability to change font size and corresponding line height since @drewmccormack’s response. Further control over font size and spacing etc is still on our list but is of lower priority than some other things (like inline images). I’m afraid we can’t give you a concrete ETA at this moment.

Along with line spacing, I would like to see the ability to change text size per line instead of the whole note. I can adjust my Mac to better view text in general. Apple Notes has the feature I am looking for.
I agree, single line spacing instead of double would be nice. Notes get way too large otherwise. This chat box is perfect! Thanks.

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Yes, please, reduce the line spacing to a “typical” value!
I am currently using “Preformatted” because the line spacing is a bit more comfortable with this style. But this is unfortunately not a satisfactory work-around…

The line spacing is quite normal. I think you are probably seeing the paragraph spacing. If you enter a list, without using a list style, each item is separated as a paragraph, and that looks large.

Easy solutions are to make the list truly a list style, or to use the CTRL-Enter to create a line break that doesn’t introduce a paragraph break.

We will also give control over these visual aspects in future, but you can already have it work well if you use the approaches above.