Feature Timeline

Just got the app, sounds promising, but I’m hoping for some more features soon (aren’t we all). I’m trying to decide if this app is worth buying, but I can’t see any signs of progression. Can we get some sort of feature timeline? Updates made (with dates) and features planned (maybe with dates, but I know that can be tricky to map out perfectly on a calendar).


The app has only been out for one week. We’ve delivered 2 updates in that time, with stability and performance improvements. More coming in the next months.

See here: The features we are working on right now…


The app has only been out for one week.

Gotcha. Most of the info on here seems to be user-driven, does Agenda have any blogs for news and updates? Trying to gauge where you are headed.

This site is the best source. http://agenda.community

You guys have done such a great job, it’s really appreciated. Keep up the amazing work :grin: