Feature requests to make Agenda a better financial planner

Here are some feature requests to improve Agenda. This is in the context of my previous post in the “Talk” section, where I have detailed how I use this amazing software for financial planning.

  • Nested categories. This would be useful, for example, in making a broad category titled “Accounts”, & then sub-categories like bank accounts, stocks, fixed income, insurance, mutual funds etc.

  • Clickable tags. I would love to click at a tag & getting instantly led to a window (?search window) showing notes with that specific tag. Inspiration: the popular app “2Do” has a tags sidebar.

  • Link name should change dynamically with change in title of original link. Currently, the link doesn’t change its name even if the title of the linked content is changed.

  • Adding calendar events of dates far away in the future (e.g. 1st January 2037) is a hassle, as you have to keep on clinkng the arrows in the calendar pop-out till you reach that year.

  • As with lots of other users, I miss the ablilty to add images & tables. Making tables in markdown (like in DayOne) is complicated for me. Making tables as in Evernote is super easy.

  • Sometimes I accidentally edit. It would be great if, like the DayOne app, there would be a “Done” button once you’ve finished editing, and an “Edit” button to start editing a note.

  • There could be a default “Inbox” folder in the Overview section, where I can dump all my unorganized thoughts for later categorization.

  • An ablilty to export multiple notes to PDF in a go would also be welcome.

  • Attaching pdf files to a note would be simply great, as then it would become an ultimate repository of all my bank statements, mutual fund documents & contract notes.


Images and other attachments are first priority, and we are busy with those now. The others are on the roadmap. Thanks!

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