Exporting tasks to Omnifocus

I am new to Agenda, so please correct me if this is already possible.
I would really like to be able to export any tasks I might record in a meeting to Omnifocus (or Things etc).
Mind node is able to parse the tasks in a document & send only them to my task manager. Is there a way of achieving the same outcome with Agenda in one step?


Best to search for some of the workflows people have discussed when it comes to Omnifocus integration, for example:

The workflows are fine, but very manual.
The great thing about MindNode is that you can create tasks in the app & then share with Omnifocus (or other GTD app) and the tasks are recognised & ported directly. The other text is not ported. This makes it really easy to transfer tasks and it would be really great if Agenda could achieve the same thing.


Is there a script which can do this?
When looking at Drafts I stumbled across a script which identified tasks in a document, sent them to OmniFocus and then sent the note to DEVONThink before finally archiving the draft. Has anyone developed anything similar for Agenda (obviously there are other task managers and document stores available!)


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I can’t help with your request but could you point me to this script you reference please?

It’s called meeting notes & OmniFocus tasks.
It identifies lines with a leading - (tasks), sends each line as a separate task to OmniFocus, then sends the note to your document manager (in my case DEVONThink) then archives the note. Pretty nifty!