Exiting Things 3 and going all in with Agenda


I’m out too. I really loved Agenda at first, but the bugs are just stupifying at this point. At random intervals, I will be typing in the middle of a note and then find my cursor will jump unexpectedly to the end of the note as I’m typing which of course mangles whatever it was and breaks my focus to boot. I duly reported that bug, of course, but was told "I’ve seen this a few times myself, but it is difficult to track down…” So, in other words, it’s a known issue but they don’t know how to fix it. That’s pretty disappointing and doesn’t inspire confidence.

That’s on top of issues like corrupted undo/redo behavior (which is I think better now but was an issue for a long time), and weird display glitches. For example, a couple days ago as I was navigating my projects the entire window of Agenda started disappearing, blinking in and out of existence as I clicked, over and over. I reported that too, and was told that it’s a known issue. And sure, it went away after I quit and reopened Agenda, but… come on. That’s absurd.

Sorry, but I paid for Agenda. Two years running. I loved the features and the concept. But the more I use it, the more I get the feeling that I’m paying for the privilege of beta testing or doing QA. Every time my focus gets broken by some stupid thing like my cursor jumping around, that’s a loss of time, a loss of my attention, and ultimately a loss of my trust in this tool.

I use lots of indie software (Things, MindNode, Ulysses among others) and sure, they all have their share of bugs. But only with Agenda do I get the feeling that underneath the surface, the whole thing is held together with scotch tape and paperclips. “But” the developers plead, “none of those apps are doing what Agenda is doing! This is hard.” And to that I say: figure it out. Good luck.

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@d_chadwick … I think you are too pessimistic on Agenda, which have bugs but even great advantages in term of organising the workflow. Sometimes I have the same problem of the jumping the cursor but I believe that it will be fix in the future.

Well, hard words but not entirely untrue. I’m pissed by the edit behaviour sometimes too. But I will not give up hope.

You’re more tolerant than I. I think the TWO developers have done an amazing job with this app in a relatively short period of time. Can’t argue with the fact that the app may not do what EVERYONE wants. Can’t argue that there are ‘things’ that need to be corrected. But if someone wants to leave the party, don’t dump on the hosts on the way out the door. Just saying.


It’s just very frustating if you do serious work or things that are important to you and your tools are not reliable. I think that is what he meant.

Despite of that, Agenda is great, the purchase system is outstanding and the devs are doing a great job and support. I believe in this project.


I get it. I look at Agenda like I look at an Apple Beta release. Maybe neither should be used for mission critical work (just yet)! Agenda is a journey for me. I’ll leave it at that.

It obviously hurts to see people go, I don’t think there’s a need to write it up in this way but I do understand the frustrations. I personally believe part of what you write is unfair, many bugs were dumped upon us with the iOS13 release that we can only work around. That this gives a temporary feeling the app has become a lot less reliable is unavoidable. And yes it’s true that we need to figure it out, but when confronted with bugs that are introduced by Apple, and with aspects that make it really hard to replicate what we do on macOS successfully on iOS because of missing APIs etc, this takes time. Apple shipped iOS13 in October and we’re already on 13.2, we are about to ship our third major update in two months time as well. That’s as fast as we can go to fix these issues I’m afraid.

Same thing with the display glitches, the code has been identical since day one in that area, and then suddenly after some random macOS update, it appears. That’s just the way this sometimes happens. It does take time however for us to pick it up, diagnose and fix (if possible). Again version 9 will have code to try and prevent the issues, but the whole process takes time.

Fair enough, you don’t care, that’s your good right. And by all means, if you feel you need to move on, I think our business model is friendly towards that, you can continue to use the app to extract your notes, and will keep what you have. We hope it invites you to keep an eye on what we do and that it makes you return as a happy user again one day.


I’m attempting to do the same thing. I like the fact that I can keep all my project notes in one app with a calendar event reference.
In my project notes I created a sub-heading for emails. You can drag and drop the email and it will create a link back to the message. Much easier that attempting to search for it in mail.
I’m having a hard time pulling away from Things though. I have that application so ingrained into my workflow, I haven’t quite figured out how to break that tie.

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It’s a bit buried in the thread - but I’ve pulled back from complete extraction (at least for the moment). Got some good shortcuts that have Things and Agenda talking/linking to each other and that works nicely for me.

I still create reminders in Agenda but import them into Things which embeds the Agenda link.

I also am not trying to replace OmniFocus with Agenda. I find Agenda great for planning and keeping track of the stuff that’s meaningful to me, and I can feed that information into OmniFocus. But there’s also a bunch of recurring stuff – take out the trash, feed the dogs, etc – that I don’t need to keep in Agenda.


Version 9.0 with Sidebar reordering, Bin, Subcategories, and Archives

Before Agenda I was a heavy OmniFocus user. With Agenda, I moved all my project based checklists into Agenda, which left just “take out the trash” type stuff in OmniFocus. I figured OF was overkill for that stuff, so I now have those type of recurring events all in Reminders app. Reminders is not as powerful as OF, but for that type of thing, it works OK.



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integrate OF in agenda like reminders! please!


It’s not so easy. We would have to completely rewrite the integration for each app, because they have their own system.

We chose Reminders because every app has access to that reminders store and can work with it. In fact, I believe Things can also work with that, so you can probably integrate with Things that way. Not sure about OF though.


I know this, is a big work, can be a really great work but integrate OmniFocus3 or things3 in Agenda make grow Agenda for really! please considerate this!

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Agree Sorted3 has pulled up to Things, beyond in terms of Calendar integration and being able to manage (check as complete or edit) tasks not just in Today. To me the best solution is an app like Agenda or Bear that is good at notes linked into Things tasks or Sorted3 tasks, on in the case of Sorted3 calendar events too.

@aleemali has shared a follow up on his thoughts from July 2019, in this post: