Exiting Things 3 and going all in with Agenda

I’ve been tinkering with Agenda, on and off, for the past 6 months and I’ve finally decided to go ‘all in’.

Up to this point my Task GTD app has been Things 3 with Bear as the attachments / notes repository. I have to be honest, I’m a little nervous (yes, first world problems and all that).

Things 3 is truly beautiful. Some of the subtle features such as number of days left (to a deadline) and its unobtrusive, clean interface will be missed. But it’s also arrogant in its beauty. No attachments and no genuine notes integration - also make it infuriating.

There are so many things I like and admire about Agenda:

  • the entire concept / approach to note-taking and project management
  • the interface / design - On the Agenda, Date Ranges, Pin to top, Notes Panel etc.
  • Developer’s commitment to the product and transparent roadmap
  • Support response
  • integration with Reminders (esp. in the light of iOS 13 and flagged improvements)

There are a few things that I am anticipating (and until they are addressed will continue to cause me to pine for Things 3 / my previous Workflow):

  • Lack of share sheet (sharing emails, files etc. to Agenda even with Shortcuts is truly clunky and time-consuming, at best)
  • Updated Reminders App (I don’t want to jump to GoodTask because I think the updated version will address most of the functionality)
  • Manual ordering of categories and projects. (The whole alphabetical thing doesn’t work for how I order my workflow) Yes, there are hacks - characters, YYMMDD (date order) etc. but they shouldn’t be necessary - and, again, get in the way
  • Advanced searching such that a saved search in Overview (great feature, by the way) could make Agenda a genuine task management tool

Until then, I’ll make the best of it - because I’m truly excited by the likelihood of Agenda being my primary Project, Notes and GTD App.

Has anyone else made the jump and gone ‘all in’ with Agenda?


Welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

Seriously, thank you for the trust in us, and we will do our best not to let you down. The stuff you mentioned in certainly in the roadmap.

Kind regards,

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Ditto!!! EXACTLY what I was going to type. :wink:
But really. What you said is how I’m approaching Agenda, and in the order you listed them. Really got my fingers crossed for the the Share Sheet update. That’s the Numero Uno on my list!!! (Oh…and the Pencil thing, too)


I’m part way there. When Agenda introduced the Reminders integration with v6 I quickly dumped GoodTask and deleted it everywhere. Never got along with that puppy.

+ 1 for @aleemali’s wishlist and priority order :clap: