Events in Notes & a Possible Create Event Bug

Hi all,

There are 2 or 3 different points here but all related to events in notes.

Created Events Doesn’t Show in the Note

I highlighted a date (a deadline for a specific task) then clicked on ‘Create Event’, after adding the event to the calendar there is nothing in that note indicate that I’ve been created an event related to this note.

When I viewed the event in Apple Calendar there was no link to the related Note in Agenda.

I think the Event should have a link to the related note, plus a some indication in the note itself show that there’s an event, and if clicked on it takes me the event.

Create Event - Switching Between Details & Summary Bug

If add all the details in Summary view, then click on Details view it doesn’t auto copy the already typed in info. The same if I do something in Details view doesn’t show in Summary view.

Create Event from a Bullet-point List Highlighted Date

Highlighted the date in the bullet-point list to create a list, first the create event popup mis-behaved multiple times. Then I managed to create an event after few attempts, however, the created event appeared in Apple’s calendar without any details even without the title.

I think this is related to the issue I mentioned before with commands within all lists in Agenda.

Hmm, that looks like some date detection API from Apple being triggered, not our UI. This would explain things as it would bypass all the ways you’d normally create and assign dates. Can you perhaps record a movie of how you trigger this sequence exactly?

Note that the way things are intended to work is that you either create an event using the calendar in the inspector on the right, or by clicking the date icon in the top right corner of a note. Also, events are only linked to notes at the top level, and do not appear inside the text.

I assume this is on Monterey by the way?

Yes 12.1 (21C52)

Oh, yeah you right that’s the Mac universal shortcut.

Anyway, I created events from the top-right corner and linked them to the note. they’re the deadlines for something that I started working on.

The main date and event is showing next to the title. But any extra events I create them even if I link them they don’t show up in the note in any place. So it’s hard to find them without the need to search the Calendar every time, and that’s only for one note.

Is there a solution for this?

Could you send some screenshots or a screenrecording of what you describe? It’s hard to pinpoint for me what the exact issue is you’d like to see fixed/changed

Update: in Agenda 14 these confusing options should no longer show