Email notes to Agenda

Until the ios app is ready there’s no handy way to add notes from my iphone, is there? Would be great to at least be able to mail new notes to the app and have them come in to Agenda with a default tag so when you open Agenda on your laptop you can quickly find all the new notes and sort them accordingly!

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I think the best we can do is work hard on the iOS app, and ensure it gets into your hands faster. Spending time on building a server to handle email will just be wasted in the end, and delay the iOS release.

For now, I have been using apps like Apple Notes and OmniFocus, as well as good old Mail to myself, to capture stuff. I move it to Agenda in the morning. Not ideal, but workable until the iOS app arrives.


Any more updates on this? One feature I loved about evernote was the ability to forward an email to Evernotes inbox and then process later

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It’s more likely we’ll support a sharing extension that would allow you to push snippets and ideas to Agenda for later processing than so much an email.