Edit in external editor (FoldingText)

Since the Agenda doesn’t support moving tasks or list items around – and because I needed it to sort/prioritize items for planning purposes – I’ve been working with a Keyboard Maestro Macro. It copies the contents of a note to FoldingText, where I can easily handle moving items up and down a list.

How to use the macro

CTRL+CMD+K E will copy the contents of the current note and open it in FoldingText. Do your editing, then press CTRL+CMD+K again to paste the contents back in the Agenda. Don’t switch to other applications while editing or the macro may break.

It’s not perfect, but I think it might be useful to some…

Edit in FoldingText.kmlibrary.zip (3.1 KB)


Nice trick, thanks for sharing!

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The macro is somewhat limited. Images, attachments and reminders will all be lost in the process.

I keep the hopes that moving list items up and down and around may some day be a native feature in the Agenda :slightly_smiling_face: