Moving tasks

I like the fact that we can change the order of the notes with an easy menu item and shortcut (⌘ ^ ↑)

It would be nice to be able to have the same feature available for changing the order of the tasks within a note by adding a menu item to do that with a similar shortcut. (⌘ ^ ⌥ ↑). Moving items accorss notes

Just a feeling it could help improve the user experience if it is not a big change.


Thanks for the feedback. Sounds like a good idea. We will consider it in future.

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++ 1 on that.

If the Agenda is perceived as a planning/project management tool, this should be an useful feature for many. It is pretty standard, I think, to order and prioritize items in the context of planning.

For one, I miss this feature a lot. In particular, I’d very much like to easily prioritise and organize lists of bibliographical items (actually not tasks) in my research projects, dividing them in works to read, in progress and done. I had a wonderful system built with emacs org-mode during my PhD for that purpose. Since I moved from emacs to more “graphical” tools, I tried to do something similar with TaskPaper, but I’ve never been as pleased as before.

I have very high hopes with the Agenda in this respect because of the way I can integrate my projects and logs, but the tools offered (copy & paste) are really unsuitable for ordering list items (or paragraphs, for the matter).

I have considered creating a Keyboard Maestro macro for back-and-forth Markdown copy/pasting between the Agenda and Sublime Text, but it seems things might break very easily (reminders, for instance). Besides, it would feel very natural to do that inside the Agenda…

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As a complement to this idea, it would also be very interesting to mimic org-mode’s global “Refilling” (C-c C-w), to move the item under the cursor (or the items under selection) to any other note in the Agenda. I can imagine an interface similar to Ulysses’ open command window or Alfred for the choosing of the destination note.

It seems to me like Agenda notes are organized into lines, which could be headers, checklists, complete paragraphs, or attachments. Being able to move the current “line” up and down – regardless of the content of the line – would be extremely useful.


I encountered a similar issue. I start a checklist. Later I attach a document. After that I want to move the attachment to under the first item of the checklist. I tap/hold the document with my thumb and it opens the document rather than letting me drag it.
This is on latest agenda beta and iOS 13 latest beta.

I can drag and drop it around in macOS version

Thanks for reporting. Will look into this. Not sure if it is a beta issue, or was there previously too.

Thanks Drew. I don’t think I ever tried this before so can’t answer if new or pre- existing