Easy way to find calendar events

Scenario - I have a 1:1 in the future (who knows when off the top of my mind — that’s why I use a caledar to keep track of that stuff). I want to log an agenda item for. I have to remember what date that meeting is on or scroll to find it to create a note linked to it so it’ll show up in my Today list when I’m prepping for my day the morning when this 1:1 happens.

Feedback - It’s frustrating to have to scroll through the list to find a specific meeting (I have 10+ meetings per day and something 2 weeks out is hard to find). Can we get an easier way to find calendar events?

Having the ability to search for calendar events would indeed be nice, noted. Having said that, there’s of course nothing that prevent you from already creating the note for the 1:1, which is very much in line with what I describe in the The Next Box™ – The story of how Agenda came about topic, where I would often create already a note for “the next time I have a 1:1” for example. Then later closer to the date you can simply link the calendar event by dragging it from the inspector on the right on top of the note.

I wish I was that good to remember that later. I believe the “event-based” notetaking concept is revolutionary…literally.

It’s why I’ve gone all in on Agenda (leaving literally 8 years of Evernote usage).

This missing functionality really makes realizing the value from that methodology difficult. A simple filter field on the modal that pops up when I click on the calendar icon in the upper righthand corner of the note where I can search by event name would be LEGENDARY!

We’ll certainly try to do that, unfortunately the functionality that Apple provides currently doesn’t make that trivial though, we’ll do our best.