Display links with a symbol indicating the type of a link

I use a lot of links in my Agenda notes. Links to files, folders, mails, websites, even items from other applications , like Things-tasks or other related Agenda-notes and so on. It would be nice, if a decent symbol next to the link indicates what kind of link it is to make them a little bit more distinguishable.

I sometimes apply emojis manually to distinguish links, but this is cumbersome and also a bit clunky. Monocolored, small and decent icons that get applied automatically like the „tag“ or „people“ icons would better serve the purpose while not being too distractable.


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Thanks for the feedback! Yes, we have had similar thoughts about this. Will see what we can do in future.


Can somebody be so kind to explain how to make link in agenda to other folder or app


Sorry ,on iPad,I forgot to mentiom

You need an App that has the ability to share via link. Then use the Sharing menu and choose the option „Copy as link“ (or similar). Unfortunately most apps do not support that, like the Apple Files App (Dropbox does, but generates a dropbox link then).

I use it mainly on mac where linking is effortless.

Many apps will now support drag and drop to create a link. So you should be able to do this:

  1. Slide up a little from the bottom of the screen to show the dock.
  2. Drag Mail out of the dock, and drop it on the right edge so you are in split screen mode
  3. Tap and hold a mail message, and drag it into an Agenda note. You should get a back link.

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I’m one of those people that use Bear with Agenda. I love how Bear puts the little link icon next to the text to signify it is actually a link. In Agenda, I simply put the name of the location where the item is. For example:


It’s very simple and effective for me!

As we are talking about how links are displayed. When link is pasted Agenda is omitting the “http” part, so in some cases a user wants to see if this is http or https (to see raw unmodified link) but this info is not displayed. With other type of links ftp:// etc… is not like that.

You can see the actual URL by bringing up the link editing dialog. It will show the full link.

If you are using Agenda for technical purposes, and the scheme is important, you could consider pasting it into a preformatted paragraph, or in fixed-width format. Both of these will not change the text, though the link will not be clickable.

How to that? Editing mode, preformatting?..I never knew existed :slight_smile:

On the Mac, just put the cursor in a note, and select the preformatted or fixed-width style from the Format menu. You can also enclose text in back ticks to get fixed width, like in Markdown, or start a line with three backticks and a space to get preformatted.

On iOS, you can use the markdown approach, or use the styles via the buttons on the keyboard bar.

See Taking Notes

I’m I doing it wrong?

That should work too. Are you making the preformatted paragraph first, and then pasting the link? I think if there is already a link there, and you change the paragraph style, it will not unpack the link. You have to enter or paste into the preformatted paragraph.

It was with link already, but this is double behavior which is not user friendly :slight_smile: