Default templates per project/ category/ sub-category

Templates are a great feature in Agenda. However, there is no provision to set a default template per project (or per category or sub-category).

I have created default templates for most of my projects, and it is frustrating to click the + button, and then realise that I needed to click/hold the + button to access the templates sub-menu.

I always end up creating a note, then deleting it immediately and then follow through with the correct template.

I am assuming this has been requested before as a template feature; as it increases template usability multi-fold.

In the meanwhile… provide some shortcut key to open the template submenu… (simulate the click/hold + button)

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Cheers for the feedback, it would indeed be nice to set a default template per project, category, or even the entire app.

Regarding the easier way to trigger the template submenu, keep in mind it’s also directly available under File → Add New Note from Template…, and you could even consider adding a specific keyboard shortcut to any of these using this trick: Keyboard Shortcuts Overview

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Does this offer a solution, or at least a path?

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Tried it. Doesn’t work :frowning: