Decrease line spacing when exporting to pdf?

what title says. i can adjust (unnaturally broad by default) line spacing inside the Agenda app, but when i export my note to .pdf i get that outstretched formatting again. it’d be awesome to get exported text similarly looking to the original note.

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Is this on macOS or iOS? They have quite different approaches to making PDFs.

it’s on macOS Mojave, latest Agenda app

Currently we only support keeping the same spacing as in the app, down the line we’d like to add more options when it comes to printing.

this is what i expected — pdf would have the same line spacing, but it’s much larger than in the app

Are you sure it is actually proportionally larger? One problem comparing screen with printed output is just that often the screen has a higher resolution. Eg. text appears bigger printed out. Is the line spacing the same size relative to the text, or do you think it is still relatively bigger than the text?

here how it looks like

text is smaller but the document is taller somehow

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I think the scale on the paper is a bit different. Difficult to avoid that. If you print out a note from Apple Notes, you will probably also find the text looks much bigger than on the screen.