Dated Notes Appear on Multiple Days

Continuing the discussion from Assigned dates appear wrong in note views:

(Not sure that I should really post here as a continuation of a much older topic, but I’m trying to make some connections to similar issues. In any case…)

What I did: I created some draft notes for future daily diary entries (using a template), one note per day, and assigned each of them the relevant day in the Calendar.

What happened: These notes appear for the appropriate day in the chronological “Overview” (e.g., “Today”), but they also appear for the following day.

See, e.g, this:

(But if I go back to the Calendar setting on a note and then click “Done” it removes the note from the following day.)

What I expected: Notes would appear on the dates to which they were assigned and only those dates.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda v 17.0.2
  • Mac OS Monterey 12.6.7 on a MacBook Air (M1 2020)
  • I sync w/ iOS (iPhone, iPad) too – with same results.
  • I did this while in a different time zone, but now am in my default time zone.

@mekentosj For you.

The clue is in I did this while in a different time zone, but now am in my default time zone., we’ll investigate whether the all-day detection is correctly applied. Was the date assigned to the note while you were on your Mac or iPhone/iPad?

Thought that was significant…
I created the Notes, and assigned dates to them as they were created, on my Mac. I did this in California (Pacific time) and am now back in Illinois (Central time). Only a two hour difference, but…

Cheers, that’s helpful to know, thanks

If it’s helpful, I repeated the procedure to create and date notes from my current time zone. When I go to those notes in the Overview => Today view (scrolling forward in time beyond Today) none of them appear on multiple days. It’s only the notes created in Pacific time zone that are now showing up on multiple days in the Central time zone.

Thanks for testing that, that’s indeed helpful, we’ll take a look.