Daily Recall

Is there a way for me to get a sort of summary of what I’ve worked on throughout the day. Something as simple as a note that would reflect what shows in the right column of “recently worked on notes”. I do my work within the notes in my projects but, need a simple way of looking back and seeing the bread crumbs.

I can’t think of an easy way to do that at this point. We can keep this in mind when we improve filtering and searching in a future project.

Perhaps for now you could simply make a screenshot of the recently edited at the end of each day.

Only slightly related, but still good, is the clock button under the projects column. Press that to filter down your projects to the 10 most recently opened/edited.

One thing that might be interesting to have a look at are the automation examples some of our users have posted in the Shortcuts section of this community. For example, @heyscottyj has posted a number of his Daily automation workflows, you’ll also find them on his website here:



Find Note
parameter (optional): Last Edited

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