Creating a ‘content calendar’ in Agenda?

Has anyone used Agenda to create and manage a ‘content calendar’?

I now need to take a much more structured approach to posting in my private community, in my newsletter and on LinkedIn, based around content stacking. (I came across the concept here, when I was considering starting a podcast)

I was just about to start using the content calendar template in Notion. It’s certainly powerful, but I then thought:

  • Do I want to be using yet another piece of software?
  • I don’t really need the sharing capabilities of Notion, as I’ll be doing this largely on my own
  • Could I use the functionality of Agenda in a new way to acheive my aims?

Before I dive in and start developing a workflow in Agenda, I’d love to hear other people’s experience and thoughts.

The root of my idea is to:

  • Use a note, dated with it’s publication date, for each piece of content.
  • I’ll plan and prepare the content in advance, drafting the text and gathering the images, in Agenda.
  • Longer form stuff like newsletters, will be transfered to my newsletter software, Mailerlite, well in advance of publication. Once proofread by a colleague, I’ll schedule the post, and mark the Note in Agenda as complete.
  • Short form, like LinkedIn posts, will stay in Agenda, until it’s time to publish, when I will simply copy and paste into LinkedIn.

The bit I haven’t thought through yet is how to structure the calendar in terms of Projects, Notes and Tags. As I’ll have a differnt theme each month for all my content, perhaps:

  • Category = Content Calendar
  • Project = Monthly Theme
  • A pinned ‘Content Plan Note’, with an overview of the plan for the month. (Some blurb that expands on the theme, then a dashed and indented list with skeleton of the plan) (This note to be derived from a template each month)
  • Each note is a separate peice of content, the note dated by publication date.
  • Notes could be tagged with ‘LinkedIn’ etc, but I’ll probably simply use a code in the title, eg “LI”, for ease of visually skimming the list.

I’m not planning to use reminders. I rarely do, prefering instead to have a visual overview of what I’m working on.

Hmm. I see that posting here has helped me develop a first interation of my content calendar. Thoughts welcome!

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I think a content calendar is definitely a perfect use case for Agenda as my definition the goal is to schedule the content to certain episodes and dates. I know various podcasters use Agenda for exactly this, and of course I use it myself for Agenda’s YouTube videos.

Agenda user @jeroen has talked about how he uses Agenda for his AppForce1 podcast here (the section starts at 5m57s):

And perhaps he can fill in more details or you can ask him any questions.

Thanks! Which episode? Link seems to be to the podcast, not a specific episode.

The other link: Tools of podcasting, well at least what I use – AppForce1: news and info for iOS app developers – UK Podcasts

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