Create agenda note from calendar appointment

I’ve seen a cool app that installs on top of Google Calendar that allows me, to with one button press, quickly create a Google Document that is pre-populated with the names of attendees, the meeting title, and a template:


Action items:

This is very handy. Would be great to get a Google Cal widget for Agenda that allows me this functionality, as I’d rather use this app than gdocs.

I think what you are describing is templates. We hope to have those in future, For now, you can keep a template note around, and just copy the content.



They posted a good article about this some time ago which was really helpful. Now I use the mac keyboard shortcut and type something simple like “mmtg” and it prefills the entire agenda exactly the way i want it formatted with headers, bullets, checkboxes etc. Details are in the link under example #1

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It’d be wonderful if you could connect Agenda with Square (Appointments) calendar.

Agenda should work with any calendar app that uses the built in Calendar store. Basically, this is any calendar where you can see the events also appear in Apple’s calendar. Does that work with Square?

tried this but i can’t get the formatting to copy over…. any suggestions?

Because Agenda is not a rich text editor, we just copy the text, not the rich text formatting (eg bold). Perhaps we can add some “smarts” in future to guess what is intended, but for now it is just text.

One way you could get formatting to come across is to use markdown in your text. Agenda will convert that. For example, use **this is bold** if you want bold text.

There is a full list of our markdown at Taking Notes

I added the below to system preference > keyboard > text so that whenever i type “mmtg” it prefills the following block in markdown. It will look weird for a sec, but the first action you take applies it. Normally for me that’s selecting the meeting from the calendar section on the right nav in Agenda and once it links the note recognizes it’s markdown and then formats it all exactly how i want it. The text shortcut is actually saved across my iOS devices so when i type it on my iPad in Agenda it works exactly the same way. You can paste the below as is or edit it to fit your desired template:

**Your Comapny Name** : Neal  
# Agenda/Updates
# Meeting Notes
# Next Steps
[x] n/a

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Sorry for the delayed response - Holiday season. this worked perfectly and i have a quick template setup. will work on additional but wanted to thank you for the help/guidance!