Create a “This Week” overview?

  1. Go to “Search All”
  2. Use date selector and pick “This Week”
  3. Create Smart Overview from Search
  4. There is no “This Week” option :frowning:

I don’t want 3 days before and 3 days after today. I want… This Week :slight_smile: (and This Month, etc)

It’s not terrible, because I can delete and re-create my This Week overview once each week. But it would be nice if I didn’t have to.



Yup, something we’d like to make possible but requires quite a bit of work underneath, one day… :smiley:

Hi @Pat_Maddox

It’s possible by selecting the next seven days in the calendar and then saving the search with a relative date.


I guess what he means is that he would want an overview that sticks to the week boundary. Relative days are calculated relative to today, so the next seven days on Thursday already contains days from the “next week”

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Ah. “Week 15” instead of “7days” ahead?

Exactly, is that the correct intepretation @Pat_Maddox ?


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I would be happy with either–but I want it to show everything for today followed by everything for tomorrow followed by everything for the day after and so on.

This you can already do by following the instructions @Pat_Maddox posted at the top of this discussion, but instead selecting today and tomorrow (shift/command click in the calendar to select multiple days). Then upon saving the overview select the first option (relative days) and the overview should stay relative to the current day. As such you can make an overview for today, tomorrow, today+tomorrow, next 3 days, etc.

Reading your question again, I now think I see what you mean, you’d like a grouping option in the overviews, per day, instead of per project, correct? That isn’t yet possible indeed, but would make sense to add when we allow for more options in this area.

Alternatively, is there a syntax for searching by week number? I tried W17 and Week 17, but couldn’t get to the right outcome. Might this somehow work?


Not at the moment no.