Confusion about search

Confused about how searching works. If I try to search for a particular string, I’m taken to a section of a note that doesn’t have that string highlighted (vs. going directly to the first instance). Then I have to eyeball search for a highlighted word. This seems inefficient.

#star doesn’t seem to do anything. I have quite a few areas starred in my notes, expecting the search to work. It doesn’t highlight those strings, nor does it take me directly to the first instance.

When you say the search is taking you to the wrong note, is it possible the first note matches on the title or something like that, and there is no match in the note content? If that were the case, perhaps it would skip to the first match in the next note.

Indeed #star does not match. Bug. Thanks for reporting this.

No, the term is not in the title. I just checked again. I think the first find appears above the area the software goes to. I backtracked 1/3 of a screen and found it.

I am also curious if part of the problem is due to longer notes? These notes that I’m searching span about 8-10 PDF pages each. Is that too much to handle for a search?

Long notes may be triggering the issue. I have noted this for investigation. Thanks for reporting it.

I have a question about saved searches that I did not find addressed elsewhere already - apologies if I overlooked it.

Do saved searches include new notes that fit the criteria since the original search was done, or is is there some way to refresh it? I have several saved searches for particular tags, but it seems like not everything shows up there as I add more. Am I missing something obvious?

Yes it should refresh after adding new notes that match the criteria. If you have concrete examples, could you send us some screenshots?