Column that lists all notes of a project



I know, there is a similar request “Titles of each Note listed under Projects Menu” but I like to highlight a slightly different approach to the need of getting an overview of all notes in a specific project:

What about a column between the list of projects and the notes, that is

  • shown/hidden as needed
  • lists all notes in the selected project
  • opens a selected note in the notes column
  • can be sorted by creation date, modification date, title
  • displays two things: date and title

I know of the possibility to click on the project title in the notes column to get a kind of popup list with all notes titles, but it would be really more clear or tidy to have a separate scrollable column for navigating through a project’s notes. Similar to Apple Notes application.

Maybe I am with a minority here, but I find it not easy enough to navigate to a specific note. To get a little more of an overview you could collapse every single note to just the title, but this is a) cumbersome and b) hides too much information.

A second option would be to have a “collapse all / expand all” feature in the notes column.

What do you think?


You can collapse/expand all. See Note menu.

Thanks for the feedback on the extra column, but the note timeline is really a defining feature of Agenda. It is what makes it different to other apps like Apple Notes and Bear.

Some people will like our approach, and some will like the other approach, but making the apps the same is probably not really in anyone’s interest. Long live choice! :wink:

Kind regards,


Hi Drew,

nice shortcut, I completely overlooked this :wink:

Yes, choice would be great, thanks a lot!