Colors on entries

Do you plan in the future to allow color options on typed text?

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We would like to allow highlighting, and possibly some limited color choices for text.

What is your use case? Just highlighting things?

I would like to be able to change the color of the font…highlighting is an interest but not a dominant issue

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Can you tell me your use case? Why do you want to change the color of the font? Is it to, eg, make headings blue, and subheadings green? Or is it to draw emphasis to words (highlight)? Or something else?

Just wondering how you intend to use the color feature.

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For me sometime I would like to highlight a word or a sentence just by the color (e.g. red instead of black). Visually very clear and easy to “detect” (easier than with a star or bold or …) when looking at notes. Also to offer another level of giving importance to notes or parts of notes (one layer is bold or italic, another can be the star, can be tags, and color is another kind of layer).
I use it sometimes to mark e.g. a text I have to edit later the day (black text is ok, red I have to fix something). It is enough to offer e.g. 5 main colors.

So this seems more like highlighting. Would highlighting, with a colored background, serve the same purpose for you?

Yes, for me it is more highlighting of text or parts of notes.
I remember in another post you mentioned to use themes for changing the background color of notes or fonts for all notes and not particular notes).
But while thinking about it, to change the background color of a particular note can be a nice feature.