Coloring wrong note


Just noticed that if a note is not selected the status circle still works for collapse, ‘done’ etc. Selecting a colour however, only works for a selected note.
So when note B is selected and I’m clicking the status circle of note A to change its colour to red, note B changes to red.
Is this supposed to work like this? Maybe I’m overlooking something.

That’s certainly not supposed to work that way, good point, we’ll try to fix that, thanks for reporting.

Hmm, the status circle should uncollapse when you click it, are you perhaps right-clicking it, or is this on iOS/iPadOS?

This is on Mac and (un)collapsing works, it’s the colours that only work for a selected note (where the cursor is blinking in the text).

Can you send me a screenrecording of what you describe?

Ah, yes, I can now reproduce it, thanks, we’ll take a look.

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Ok, this should be fixed in the next update, thanks again for reporting!

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