Colored Font and Highlighting

Do you have any plans to allow for changing text color or colored highlighting? Both features would be awesome.

Colored/highlighted text would be really useful for highlighting keywords when writing notes. Right now, I am either italicizing or emboldening the keyword or text. Italicizing text works decently, but emboldening the text is not hugely helpful, because it’s hard to tell the difference between emboldened and regular text.

Please consider implenting these two features making a great app that much better.


Highlighting, and possibly text colouring, are certainly features we are considering. Thanks for the feedback!


I agree with “piara1085”! Colored/Highlighted text would be great!! :blush:

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Do you plan to add ability to choose font? I’m a developer and use “Fira Code” because it has a lot of ligatures and represents code much better than other.


That too is something we’d liked like to offer at some point albeit most likely through “themes”.


Would like to add another +1 on highlighting and colour fonts :+1:

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Do you have any timeline on when we can expect font coloring and highlighting?

Alas, no timeline yet, still very much on our wishlist.

Really hoping we can hope to see this update in the works soon

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Another vote for highlighting. It’s the biggest missing feature in Agenda for me at the moment - otherwise a brilliant bit of software.

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+1 …

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Font color options would be great for going back into notes and adding info/updates. Also highlighting!

Something we will be looking at very soon. Stay tuned!


Any news on this? highlightening text would be super important. is there a special reason why this common feature is not available? when can we expect this to be integrated? this would be great and help me to transfer more tasks to agenda. thank you! p

Hopefully not too far out…

+1 - I’d also like the ability to change font color, highlight and size of text. Thank you.

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yep, these features are very important! plz add these features asap.