Collapse keyboard shortcut

First all….loving Agenda. Coming from OneNote, I am loving the flow that Agenda brings. Kudos.

One challenge I am having is viewing notes easily. I prefer the “collapsed” look for the notes to help me view it as a list. But I find once I go into a note, I have to then remember to collapse when I leave or it gets really messy (IMO). Is there a shortcut, keyboard shortcut, or option to just collapse all notes at once under a category? Or is there a setting that we can have the default as collapsed?

Any ideas?

This used to bug me. But here’s a solution. Don’t bother collapsing notes. Click on the project name at the top of the screen. That brings up a list of the notes in the project and you can navigate easily to the one you want.

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Yes, I was about to echo what @trebso just mentioned, the list you look for is always available through clicking the project title. Having said that, there’s also a shortcut for collapsing/expanding all:

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