Click to 'collapse all'

When I return to a project or to On the Agenda, my notes are usually a mix of open and collapsed notes. I’d like to be able to immediately collapse all notes in the current view. Unfortunately the menu command for collapse all is long and unintuitive.

The ability to double click in the project header or the On the Agenda header to collapse all notes would be really helpful - and intuitive as it is the same behaviour that collapses notes.

The reason I want to collapse all, is not just tidyness. I want to get an overview of the notes, to remind myself of what’s going on. A suggestion made elsewhere would also be really helpful for this, the ability to semi-open notes, to show just the first couple of lines. This would make getting up to speed with a project I’ve not looked at for a while so much easier!

Perhaps double click to collapse all; triple click, or modifier-click, to semi-collapse all?


That’s an interesting idea, we’ll think about it, thanks for the suggestion!


I would LOVE this feature! I second the motion.


Agree, I don’t like that mix too :slight_smile:

I thought this was already a “thing.” I came here to find out how to “Collapse All” notes within a project. Is this a planned feature update?

Ah… never mind. I found you your answer here, as Solved!

Just to be clear though… I know and use the jump menu. Nice touch, this. However, I would just like to “tidy up” the project I’ve been working on before I move on, so Collapse All would save me a lot of time, and misapplied fat finger double-clicks in the IOS version.


The Expand All shortcut is beyond my old brain’s ability to remember. Double clicking on a header to collapse would be great.


I too vote for the collapse or expand all notes but also suggest the following:

  • App preference to set default view collapsed or expanded
  • Automatically collapse completed (checked) notes


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is there an expand / collapse all now??

Yes, on macOS you find this option under the Note menu.

Adding my vote for “collapse all” on iPad, iOS

It seems such basic feature is not available. When there are many notes, ofter the note title gives you the info of that note. So, having everything collapsed to quickly navigate to the correct note isn’t a nice feature, but a requirement as for now you have to scrool through all of them

In case you missed it on macOS, it’s available under the Note menu and through the corresponding keyboard shortcut. It’s only on iOS and iPadOS that it’s not available if you don’t have a hardware keyboard.

Ah, and one more, most new users who look for this feature are often simply looking for a way to skim and jump to notes, for which the table of contents is a better alternative:

thanks, I expected this under VIEW instead on NOTE, as many MAC-apps have this capability located there