Choose to show only some calendars

It would be really nice to be able to choose which calendars are visible. I have some work calendars that are really noisy and that I don’t care about, and would love to not see their events in the list of those that I can attach a note to.

An example of an app that does this well is Things, which shows calendars in your list of tasks for the day, but you can choose to hide some calendars.


This is indeed on our agenda for an update in the not too distant future.


Can’t wait for this!

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Good to know. This is quite important for me to be able ot use Agenda. I have 17 calendars, as we share each others’ calendar on our team.

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I can imagine the pain!

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Yes, absolutely need this feature! Love this app! Also, can’t wait for the mobile version! Good work. Keep it up!


+1 I would love this feature.

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Heck yes to this!

Update: today’s 2.0 update introduces to hide calendars you don’t need (requires premium features).


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