Choice of fonts

What’s the status on this? It’s been “down the road” on your roadmap for a really long time now.

I’m afraid it will be for a while longer still, other things have priority at the moment.

Love the font! Well, I just find the whole layout and experience so conducive to writing and so I guess part of that must be the font.

I was wondering about incorporating other fonts too. But I happen to love the font! What is it?

Whatever you do DO NOT change the default font, ok?

But I happen to love the font! What is it?

Avenir next is the default font

Looking out for this change, hope it comes soon.

are ability to change font incoming?

It’s among what we’d like to add yes, no ETA yet however.


I’m hopeful about this one. It feels odd seeing such a difference in typography between Agenda the app proper and the Agenda community.

On its own, Avenir is pretty inoffensive, but since the community is part of the whole Agenda experience, I would love for it to align more.



+1 for the ability to change fonts. Definitely disappointing since it feels awkward that this font doesn’t line up with most other system apps that use San Francisco (the system font). Avenir feels really dated.


This font issue is not just about aesthetics for me, although aesthetics are important on an iDevice or Mac. Font choice has to do with accessibility. I can read some fonts much more readily than others. For some applications, I need fixed width throughout. The choice of serif or sansserif is also affected by which device I’m using. This kind of choice is fundamental to the accessibility and usability of any application that involves more than a couple lines of text. Things, Calendar, and Reminders don’t offer choice, but they’re also not for notes.


I didn’t even notice the font limitation until after I paid for the premium features. Now, as my notes grow more complex, I am experiencing it as a serious limitation that might well lead me to conclude that I wasted the money I paid to support what is otherwise a very promising app.

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As mentioned above, something we’d like to add in a future update, but other items on that list have a higher priority as it stands I’m afraid, hence we can’t give you an ETA yet.

I would encourage font configuration support as well. Both from a UI perspective as well from a sharing perspective. I know it is not yet high on the radar, but maybe my replay can push it a little bit higher up on the priority list :slight_smile:

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As a new user with mild dyslexia, I really wanna love this app, but i find the stock font quite thin for comfortable reading.
Offering bolder options that look good at smaller sizes would be very welcome.

Keep up the good work!


I’d also personally prefer a thicker font than Avenir especially under the dark mode. Monospace fonts such as Menlo would do great for dark mode for me.

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I would also like to be able to change the default font styles. To me it’s the different header styles (H1-H3) - H2 being too thin to be distinctive enough.

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I just bought the full subscription today. Realizing that there are no other font options I would like to get a refund. It is also a dealbreaker for me. It is definitely not worth the money for such a simple application Beecher.

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Is it possible to get a refund? I just bought the full subscription. Now that I realize that there are no other flight options, I no longer think this app is worth the money. This is a simple feature that nearly all applications have. Why would I pay more than $30 when the simplest feature is not available?

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The goal of Agenda has always been to be a note taking app, not a word processor. We therefore deliberately keep the formatting options simple. We do plan to bring more font options, but it doesn’t have the same priority as some other items on our list I’m afraid. If you’d like a refund, please let me know in the other duplicate message you made that I’ve made private.

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