Checklist disappears with template

What I did: created a template that has list (dashed and checklist).

What happened: create new note from template, click on 1st item of list (checklist) and type in uppercase with “:” and as soon as spacebar is pressed, the current list I’m on disappeared and became normal sentence instead. For example, check on checklist and type "ABC: " and checklist turns into normal paragraph as soon as spacebar is hit after “:”

What I expected: checklist remains for item “ABC:”

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): running Agenda 14 on Mac

Could you make a screen recording of what you describe? That would help us reproduce and fix the issue. It indeed sounds like a bug.

Video attached.

Thanks, could you do me a favor and create a new note from your template and then without editing export it straight away as an Agenda file and post it here?

As requested. FYI sometimes bug won’t show as in after hitting spacebar after “:” won’t trigger checklist to disappear - just close agenda app for a while and restart, wait for a while then try it again. Bug should be there again. Bug happens more than 90% of the time for me.
Test.agenda (1.5 KB)

OK, perfect, we’ll take a look. Thanks!

FYI. Bug still there on 14.1. Create note from TEST template attached. Click on checklist under Top and type in anything then spacebar. Or create note from TEST template, click on checklist under Top and just hit spacebar. Spacebar causes checklist to disappear.

Can you send a screenrecording of what you describe? And does it always happen or sometimes?

Same recording as the one attached above. Same issue. Just download TEST template attached above and follow same steps I described. You might need to close agenda and leave it for few minutes and start agenda again if it doesn’t work. Happened all 3 times I tried 14.1

Ah, finally got it to reproduce. Note that I’ve definitely fixed already part of the problem, that’s why I couldn’t reproduce it anymore, I’ve now found a second way this happens. Will try to fix that too…

Great, thanks. Annoying bug because I use a lot of templates with lists.

I believe to have found the solution, it didn’t make the 14.1.1 cut but will be in the next.

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Been few weeks. Hope next Mac version update be out soon. This bug is driving me crazy :rage:

We fixed what we thought was the underlying issue, if you say it still happens, can I ask you to record once more the entire sequence of steps that shows the issue, starting from before you use the plus button (I assume) to create the new note from the template?

Waiting for update as you mentioned that it’s not fixed in 14.1.1 but will be in next update. Issue has always been the same; same as shown in video posted. Been using Agenda premium for years. Never had an issue before v14.

Quoting your reply.

The video doesn’t show how you create the note and which steps you take right after that, which is rather important, please make a video of the entire middle pane of the Agenda window, starting from before the new note is created from a template.

Just to be clear, that way I can verify if I didn’t miss anything in the supposed fix.

You never asked before until I posted today after waiting 3 weeks then you said you want a new video. All you said was it’s fixed for next update, see this thread. Only now you ask for another video. Ok, whatever…

Here it is. Then save as template.

Apologies for the misunderstanding, first for the delay, but also in my video request (although this is also good to have). The video I’d like to see is from what happens next, with the same frame, how you now create a new note with this saved template and then the steps that follow up to the point the checklist disappears.

Click and hold + to get list of templates. Choose 1 of templates which is testing in example. Chick on check item list and type in test: and spacebar. Check list disappears :rage:

Happens very often. Not all the time but very often which is very annoying because don’t know when it happens. Can be first text I type like example below, or later on when I’m working on another app and come back to Agenda and type something on checklist and checklist disappears and I have to create a checklist with CMD-SHIFT-C and indent line again :rage:

You might need to try few times for error to occur. Do exactly what I did, use template attached in thread, have project sidebar show like I did if that makes any difference. I use Agenda a lot everyday and bug happens a few times each day. Never had this problem before v14. To be frank - even though I still have close to 12 months Premium subscription left, I am very close to switching to another app because of this bug. Drive me crazy having to format checklist so many times again and again and again every single day :rage:

Video below