Can't "Remove from On the Agenda"

The action to remove a note from the agenda isn’t working.

This is indeed a known issue, does it work if you restart the app? We’ll fix it in the next update, apologies.

By the way, did you change the setting to have new notes not automatically appear on the agenda in the preferences by any chance? And does rebooting your Mac help? It could in fact also be a corrupt preferences issue.

Restarting, rebooting and reinstalling the app didn’t help. And I didn’t change the setting to not automatically appear on the agenda (changing it now doesn’t help as well).

Thanks for the follow up, we’re going to investigate this.

BTW, removing notes and projects from On The Agenda is working for me (MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3, Agenda 1.2). Maybe it works OK in 1.2?

Thanks for the update, we’ll have a look.

This problem exists in

MacOS High Sierra 10.13.3
Agenda 1.3 (App Store Version)

(BTW: The intro appears at every app start :sweat:)

So I deleted the MAS version (1.3) and reinstalled 1.2 non MAS version and updated to the 1.3 (BETA channel). Now it works.

I’m wondering why MAS is on 1.3 and the website provides 1.2 only through the BETA channel?

same here :tired_face:

Ouch, that was a mistake from our side, fixed that now.

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This should be fixed in version 1.2 and higher.