Can't open agenda after crash

What I did: Restarted my computer.

What happened: After I restarted my computer I could no longer open Agenda. The app bounces once in the doc and then I get a problem report.

What I expected: Agenda to operate normally.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I have the latest version of Agenda from the app store. I downloaded it about a week ago and have enjoyed using it. I restarted my computer (MacBook Pro, 13", M1, 2020 running Big Sur 11.3.1) yesterday and have not been able to open Agenda since. It just bounces once and issues a problem report. I deleted the app as well as the files I could find in ~Library/Containers and ~Library/Group Containers per this post: (Repeated Crashes on macOS). Reinstalled Agenda and still can’t open it. Thanks for your help!

So you did move the app itself to the trash, and empty trash, then install again from the Mac App Store?

When the crash happens, I guess you don’t get a form to submit it to us, correct?

You could open the app Applications > Utilities > Console, and select Crash Reports on the left. If you see any crash reports for Agenda, send them to us.

Thanks. Yes, I moved the app to the trash (as well as any files from the named folders), emptied the trash, and reinstalled from the app store. When the crash happens there is not an option to submit to you- looks like a problem report generated from the system and not Agenda…? I will send the crash reports from the console. Thanks!

I have the same hardware and the same issues. Re-installing can’t help. Do you install Agenda from AppStore? I can’t install from appstore because Agenda is not available for my country yet in store.

What can I do, if agenda is not available for my country in app store?
Is it possible to fix standalone version of agenda or export my data (to obsidian for example)

This is an issue that only seems to affect macOS 11. We are seeing crashes, but only from that operating system (oddly).

One fix is to update macOS. Otherwise you probably have to wait for our fix, which hopefully will be a in few days. We are working on it now.

Sorry for the trouble.

Will you distribute an update only through app store?

Yes, we will.

We have a beta that you could test for us to see if it helps if you like.

If you want to try it, download here:

Unzip the download and drag to the Applications to replace the Agenda you have. See if it launches and let me know.

Still crashing :frowning:

OK, that is useful to know. Thank you. We will continue to search for a solution, and probably ask you to try another beta soon.

Can you try downloading this and see if it works?

The same — gist:5f59cd7b770aa6f56b9a4715d798b03d · GitHub

Gah. Shame. Will try again.

OK, I am confident this will fix it. Can you try?

Yes, I did! You have done it!

Great! Thanks for testing that. I will t try to get this out to everyone asap

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I have just released a new version in the App Store with the fix.