Can’t share any notes

What I did: I was trying to share a note to Apple notes.

What happened: app froze for a minute then crashed. I thought maybe because I was trying to convert to pdf. Then I tried sharing using other option like agenda text and agenda link, but app kept crashing.

What I expected:

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda Version 11.2
OS: iPadOS
Model: iPad Pro 2019

We’re sorry to hear that, can you send us a series of screenshots or (even better) a screenrecording of the steps you took?

Here is the screen recording. (1.31 MB)

Thanks, we’ll investigate. Would it be possible to export that particular note as an Agenda file and email it to That would make it easier to reproduce.

Thanks, got it!

Unfortunately I experience the same issue:

  • Share option
  • choose PDF (or any other format, even the Agenda file format)
  • Freeze of app, screen still
  • Crash of app, it will stop

While PDF export is extreme important for me… quick solution would bij highly appriciated.

With kind regards,

Hardware: iPad Pro (11 inch, 2018) > model MTXQ2NF/A
OS: iPadOS 14.3

Does it matter what kind of project or note you try to export or is it with any?

(As mentioned in my post :wink: )
It concerns ALL share formats (from mark-down, to PDF, to Agenda file format).

With kind regards,

Yes, but that’s not what I meant, does it depend on which note or project you export?

My bad, sorry :wink:

  • At this moment I only tried to share Notes
  • I will do some testing with different “sources”

I’ll get back to you

Yes! It does matter what’s the size of the notes.

I tired sharing a note with a couple hundred words. I was able to share that properly.

I also tried sharing a larger file with images attached to it. And sadly app crashed.

And does it matter to which app you share or doesn’t it even show the sheet to pick the app?

It doesn’t even show the sheet to pick. It crashes before that.

Indeed, the same here, the situation seems to have impact:

  • Project share: OK
    • As well projects that contain Notes with greater amount of characters
    • As projects with Notes that contain less
    • As projects with notes with attachments
  • Notes share: depends
    • less amount of characters: OK
    • greater amount of characters: NOK
    • one with attachments and less characters: OK
  • I don’t see difference wetter or not tags are in the note
  • Indeed, the sheet with apps to chose from does not show, it crashes (just) before that
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OK, thanks both, that’s very helpful. We’ll take a look.

I just shared one of my bigger notes (8453 words, 41 paragraphs) including attachments, links and tags to PDF. Worked like a charm.

Things that might be interesting:

  • iPadOS 14.3
  • Agenda 12.0 (175)

You are using Agenda v12, which might be a clue. Plan is to release the update tomorrow, @vishavjit.parihar1 and @ej_agenda can I ask you to test again the export once the version 12 update is out later this week?

For sure, I am happy to test later this week.
Please be aware: I am using Agenda 11.2 (158) > not 12.

I assume 12 will be published later this week?

Yes, we hope to release it tomorrow.

Just updated to 12.0 (175), unfortunately no change:
After selecting the Share format it freezes and then crashes.

I have restarted Agenda, restarted iPad. No positive result. I started using Agenda just a few days ago and would like to use the share function as I want to share my notes. Is there anything else I can do to solve this/create PDF exports?

Kind regards,