Can’t share any notes

That would make sense because we haven’t made any further changes in the past two days, we’ll look into it after the version 12 release has settled in.

Ah, I thought you meant earlier that v12 might solve the issue… especially because @Hawe51 did not experience the issue (being on v12).

But for now: know that v12 (at my side) does have the same issue (also deleting and reinstalling the Agenda app didn’t help).

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Ah yes, you’re right, my bad, I was indeed not sure now I remember. Pity it wasn’t fixed then, but good info to have, as said we’ll dive into it soon.

Thanks, highly appriciated.

Update: We found the cause, a bit of a surprising reason, but good thing is that it’s fixed in the next update. Thanks for the help everybody!

Thanks! I just updated the app to the latest release (12.0.1) and can confirm it’s solved and works like a charm :wink: .
[test case: notes with “lots of text” > share > PDF > chose app to share with > PDF is generated and opend]

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Happy to hear that! Thanks again for helping us find the cause👌