Can’t create links to email any more



I’m trying to do the same thing as discussed on Email in Agenda, but I’m having a different problem.

What I did:

  • Dragged an email message into an Agenda note.

What happened:

  • The subject of the email appeared in the note without any link to the email message.

What I expected:

  • a link to the email message.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • Agenda version 2.3
  • MacOS High Sierra version 10.13.6
  • I also tried dragging an email message to Omnifocus which I know for sure used to work and it did the same thing.
  • I also tried to create a link by following these instructions, but the “%"s in the link kept changing to “%23”s and the links wouldn’t work.
  • I tried dragging a file into Agenda to see if that would create a link and it did. When I clicked the link, it opened the finder and selected the file. I did the same in Omnifocus; in that case, double clicking the file opened it in Preview, as it was a jpg.

So, I’m giving up and asking for help. :slight_smile:



Odd. I just tested this, and it seemed to work fine.

Can you try restarting the app, and then doing it again?

Are you just using Apple’s Mail app, or a different one?

Does this problem happen with all notes, and all emails? Can you try a few different notes/projects, and also different emails, and see if there is some trigger causing it to go wrong that we could narrow it down with?



Ok, it seems to be that one email. I tried 4 others and those worked fine. I can also click on the links and the links work fine repeatedly – I tried repeatedly since my manual link kept changing when I tried to use it.

I noticed that the instructions in the article I found said to put “message:%3” before the message id and “%3E” after. I noticed in the working links, it had “message:%3C” before the message-id. When I tried that, I was able to create a link to this particular email message; it now reads:

I can send the entire email to you privately; if you’d like, just let me know how (what format; I can copy/paste it into a message here or use email). It looks like a pretty normal html message to me. As you see above, the message id starts with a bunch of letters instead of numbers like most do, though I’m not sure how that would matter. I did find a message that started with F41E726D, but that worked fine.

I tried a new note in another project and category, but I got the same behavior: this one email message didn’t work but others did.

Thanks again!


Interesting. The %3C is a code for a < symbol (see

%3E is >

So the system must expect the id to be in <id here>

If I understand right, when you drag this email to Agenda, you get the subject, with no link at all. Or do you get a link, but it doesn’t work? If you do get a link, what link URL is it after the drag?

I think the likely reason for this is that the identifier used for that message is somehow an email address. Perhaps that is confusing the system. Perhaps it is a corrupt identifier.


I get the subject without any link. For most messages, I get the subject with a link to the message and it works fine. For this one particular email, I just get the subject.

I was experimenting with the links to see if I could create the link by hand, and that worked, once I figured out the %3c thing. I realize now that without the C, this one was %3P which would have confused the parser since it wasn’t hex.

Once upon a time, I knew a lot of ascii codes for symbols, but apparently, not so much any more! I think they usually looked like #3c, though. Can you still type “ascii” to Unix and get the table? Just tried it; you have to type “man ascii”. I must have had an alias or something.


One other question, does the email you drag have multiple emails in a thread? These don’t work due to limitations of what Apple places on the clipboard. It only works with the individual emails in a thread.


I’m just dragging a single message. It’s one that I got from a UPS store with information about something I mailed from there. It was not in reply to anything and there are no replies to it.


I got another email from the same shipping place and its message ID looks much the same as the earlier one. However, when I drag it to Agenda, it works fine. So, I guess it’s not the PROD stuff in the ID after all. This one’s link reads:

The message itself looks a lot like the earlier one; just some of the text is different. I tried again to drag the earlier message into Agenda, but that still doesn’t work. I just looked at the raw source of both messages side by side for a couple minutes and there’s nothing obviously different in them, except what you’d expect, like different dates. I didn’t see any spurious special characters either, though I’m not sure how “Raw Source” in Mail would show those.

At this point, I’m sort of shrugging this off, as I don’t think it’s an error in Agenda. My offer to send you the message stands as there’s nothing in it that I wouldn’t mind you seeing, if you want to pursue this.



It sounds like some corruption in Mail app TBH. Let’s mark it down as a one off and move on. Thanks for helping us investigate!


Hi All, just wanted to chime in and add that I’m having this issue with any email dragged across from Apple mail.

I drag the same link in other apps and it works fine



Thanks for reporting it. We are going to investigate.


I have fixed this in our internal build. It will be available in the next update.

Thanks for reporting this.

Kind regards,


Thanks Drew

Really appreciate you taking the time to let me know. :slight_smile: