Can I sync now? Any iOS version?

Hello! I just downloaded Agenda and I hope to further test out the app before considering to incoporate it to my workflow and purchasing the premium version.

There’s two important thing I want to know.

  • Can I sync my Agenda notes on cloud? (iCloud? Dropbox?)
  • When will you guys launch the iOS version?


Hi Cecilia,

You can indeed sync your Agenda notes via iCloud, should be enabled by default in the preferences.

Regarding the iOS version, see this forum post:

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The biggest thing keeping me from purchasing the premium version is the lack of IOS app. “Hope to get to you this spring” could mean a very long time unfortunately. Really liking the concept of the app though.


I’ve gone premium already, but yes: great though this app is, to maintain loyalty against all the other note apps out there, the sooner the better on iOS… (but you know that :wink:


The IOS version could not come soon enough!:grinning::smiley:

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Not using Agenda unti iOS app is ready. Did purchase to support development.


Also on premium now but really need iOS app as I collect notes and mainly ideas on the road!!


Looking forward to the ISO apps can be available.
Once its available will purchase the premium version.

Agreed. I’m totally in on Premium once theres an iOS counterpart.

What the Agenda team is doing is groundbreaking, neat, comprehensive and aesthetically pleasing. Even though I prefer to operate primarily out of my computer, I want to be able to set a reminder and refer to the On-The-Agenda panel on my phone as I go about the day.

I await this hopefully!


Ditto. Hurry up!

I am pleased to hear that you are working on an app. To be honest, I am already having to fall back on apple’s notes just keep up with the press of business and the fact that I do not carry my MacBook everywhere i go. So, giving me a more concrete idea of a timeline might help stave off reality. cheers.

This app is amazing! Everything I have been looking for! However, like everyone else here, also really looking forward to, and needing, an iOS app! So crucial! I purchased Premium as well to support but, like many others have already stated, the sooner the better!


I am so excited to have found this tool that seems to fit my needs perfectly! I do agree with everyone else that we NEED this to flow between this version and a version on our phone :slight_smile: I am so hopeful we would see that soon!

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Question: Are there any links or something that could let us signup for beta testing for iOS? I have posted my desire to be included in the beta test in other threads, but since a lot has already declared their interest, I’m a little bit afraid that I might not be included or not found. (Like what happened to other Beta Tests where their names were not found or deleted for unknown reason.)

t’s just that I’m very excited for the IOS app, that’s all. :):smiley:

If you have listed your interest in Can I join the iOS Beta? - #85 by guscjf that’s all there is to do at the moment. The iOS app is coming along nicely but we haven’t opened beta testing yet. Stay tuned.