Calendar, iCloud Drive on a Locked-down Corporate Mac

My work mac had to be re-imaged with a new base system including Office365. This images is very much locked down.

  • can’t add any accounts for calendar/reminders
  • login with Apple ID works, but iCloud Drive is disabled by policy
  • Wasn’t able to deploy Agenda app into “Applications”, now it rests in my home folder.

I love/need/use Agenda all the time, hence I took the Agenda data backup before handing away my Mac and restored it onto the new one. I can see and use my data - but all offline.

Is there a way to see the Outlook 365 Calendar (where the export option is also greyed out)?
Will there be a way in Agenda natively to add an iCal link or so that doesn’t depend on the system-accounts that provide an external calendar?
Sync does not work due to iCloud drive being disabled and Dropbox client can’t be installed without admin rights…

I’m sure that I’m not the only one with these restrictions out there - right?! Any Suggestions?!

You are not the only one. I posted a similar request several months back. At the time, the reply was that this is a known issue, but not on the roadmap due to the effort and higher priorities.

I curse the day Microsoft and Apple implemented these controls to exclude access from other applications.

And what are you doing in that situation?
MS OneNote is not really an option but when calendar and sync doesn’t work - i could also use a Texteditor…
I’m a bit frustrated about that situation where out of a sudden MS is the monopolist on my Mac…

Thanks for the feedback, but I’m not sure what we can really do here. Your employer doesn’t want our software on their systems. We can change things to try to fit but they can always block other things. This week iCloud, next week some other thing Agenda needs.

The problem IMO is not really that we don’t support certain services, it is that your employer wants you to use MS and only MS.

As you can see in my post back in Aug, my scenario is different from the original poster.

My laptop is a BYOD device. I can install any software I want, including Agenda. An interface to Outlook would solve my problem, I believe.

I understand the constraint of resources and priorities. Unfortunately, myself and others may have to move on from Agenda since s key component of the platform, calendar and task integration, no longer works for us.

I am still able to utilize calendar and task integration from my iOS devices, and iCloud sync works. It’s a bit of a pain to have to jump back and forth for that functionality, but doable. Your situation sounds more restricted.

For now, Agenda’s upsides outweigh the inconveniences, but I am also evaluating other options.

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