Calendar Event from exchange account not showing on iOS and iPadOS

What I did: I have linked Agenda to the calendar app on both my iphone and ipad, but my work calendar(O365) is being pulled into Agenda on both devices, it is work on my Macbook pro. but

What happened: I think this happened recently, I had it working across all my devices where the O365 calendar was showing correctly in Agenda across all my devices. But it stopped working recently. I did some basic troubleshooting, my O365 calendar are working properly on iOS/iPadOS Calendar apps, and my icloud calendar events are displayed properly in Agenda.

What I expected: Able to access: My O365 calendar events proper showing in Agenda apps on iphone and iPadOS

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): All apps and OS are updated to the latest public release version on the iphone and ipad.

We have had some reports that some Office365 calendars don’t show in Agenda for iOS/iPadOS if the account under the settings app is installed by your employer directly. Is this indeed the case. As a workaround, or at least to confirm the problem, can you try creating a second Office365 account yourself in the Settings app under Internet Accounts and see if that makes the calendars appear in Agenda?

Did you recently upgrade to iOS 13? I did, and found that I had to reset most of my calendar and reminder settings. For exampl.e, the default calendar app is iOS calendar, not Exchange.

You mean you had to reset the settings in Agenda’s preferences or in the Settings app?

I had to reset the preferences in iOS reminders and calendar. Not the settings in Agenda.

Strange, but good to know!

This might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace: