Bundlehunt sale

Hi guys, is the current bundlehunt sale just for new users or somebody wanting to renew already acquired premium license can also take advantage?

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Both new and existing users can make use of it.


This is great—thanks for pointing it out. Extended my premium subscription for an extra 12 months for the price of a few cups of coffee. I love Agenda—and I also love a bargain!


So any idea how I could take advantage of this if I have an App Store subscription? Wait for the subscription to expire and apply the codes?

If you wanted to do it for a subscription, I’m afraid you would have to cancel the subscription (will continue until end of the year), and get the bundle hunt code. When your Agenda license expires, you would have to start a new subscription.

I dont have an appstore subscription so, purchased the bundlehunt deal and it worked like a charm! I’m a supporter and big fan of Agenda since 2018 and happy I got this deal! Agenda fun until 2024 (and for sure after that!) thanks @drewmccormack and @mekentosj for your product and your hard work!

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If I buy it now, how long would I have to redeem it? I still have ten months left on my current subscription. Could I buy it and wait 10 months before redeeming it? Would the twelve months start then? I currently have an app store license.

@stevew if you have an appstore subscription see what @drewmccormack wrote above. If you have a license directly from Agenda, the subscription time will just add to whatever you have remaining. I had 4 months and now I have 16.

@interlude21 I did see what @drewmccormack said. My comment was a reply to that very comment of his. And I’m still not clear. He hasn’t said how long one would have to redeem the new license. I would be ok canceling my app store license in 10 months and using this one if it would still be good for another 10 months after that. Otherwise there would be no point. Anyway, hopefully he’ll be able to clarify this for me. I don’t think you would be able to know the answer to that.

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I asked the bundlehunt supporter, they confirmed that there is no expiration date on the coupon of the Agenda.

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All Agenda licenses are accumulative, even the subscriptions. So if you purchase a coupon from BundleHunt, 12 months will be added to the expiry date of your current license.

If you have a subscription, that will mean the subscription will be due to renew before your Agenda license is actually used up, adding yet another year. Instead of just 12 months of license, you will have 12 + whatever was left over. So for a subscription you may consider cancelling the subscription and renewing it later when the license end date actually passes. Alternatively, you could just keep subscribed, in which case you will have some extra time when you finally cancel you subscription in the future.

Hello, I just tried to buy multiple Coupons on BundleHunt for Agenda - and it did add 12 months to my account for each coupon.


Yes, extended it with another 12 months. Agenda rulez!!! Time for them to offer a lifetime subscription.

What does it mean to cancel my subscription. I have 10 months left on my Apple Store subscription. I purchased the Bundle Hunt and it added 12 months. So now I have 22 months. If I hear you correctly, my Apple Subscription will still lapse in 10 months. So in 10 months, I cancel my App Store subscription. And then what? I would have to pay the full price (not even the discounted upgrade price) for a new App Store subscription? Or is there a way to re-subscribe and just apply those extra months. (I’ve already applied them) And what happens when I cancel it? Do I lose my data and then have to re-connect my data or import it?

You have 10 months left on the subscription. You can cancel that right now. Cancelling will mean it stops at the end of the 10 months, so you won’t be charged again. You cancel in the App Store, in your Subscriptions.

Cancelling the subscription will not change your Agenda license. You have paid for 22 months, and you will keep 22 months.

After the 22 months is over, if you want to keep getting new Agenda premium features, you would need to get a new subscription (…or just pay once with the In-App Purchase).

I purchased Agenda’s premium subscription from StackSocial seven months ago; I have five months left before it lapses.

Today I purchased the Bundlehunt deal. If I understood correctly, by clicking on the Premium button, it will extend my current premium subscription. Is that right? Thank you.

I’m very new to Agenda and a bit of discount would entice me to sign up to Premium. However it’s £29.99 per annum here (about $35) and seems a tad unfair that the same package seems to be on offer to American users for just $5 (£4.25).

Hello, it is not for American users only - also you can buy discounted Angda licenses on bundlehunt. You can stack up to three years premium per purchase.

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You just need to click on the link bundlehunt sent you, and it should extend your license by 12 months, yes.

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Bundlehunt should be available in UK too. The normal price in US and UK is similar (after currency conversion), and is dictated by the App Sore.