Bundlehunt sale

It works everywhere (for any country). I actually didn’t know I could buy several, so ended up buying one more and I now have 28 months left in my license: here for the long-haul and absolutely trust @drewmccormack and @mekentosj will take us to great places! Thanks a lot for this great deal.

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Thank you so much for your support, much appreciated! :raised_hands:

I like good bargains, too, but isn’t this going to be a bit unfair to the nice Agenda people of Momenta B.V. if everybody stacks up with cheap BundleHunt codes now?! :thinking:

Well, it does show that Agenda is so nice that people definitely want to stay premium for sure… :grinning:

Its a good point and that’s why I personally bought 2 and I wont buy more. After the subscription time I have, I will come to the standard payment terms to support the team. On other side I think the Agenda Team knew what they were doing when they decided to do this sale, so if they wouldn’t be able to “afford” this initiative, I guess they wouldn’t do it.


Works in the UK and throughout Europe (these things often seem to be limited to North America). Thanks! I’m now recommending Agenda to my work colleagues.