Bullet Choices

I would like to see a choice of bullets expanded from a hyphen to add circles (filled and unfilled), and squares (filled and unfilled).


I don’t think we’ll add that anytime soon, it doesn’t warrant the additional complexity I’m afraid.

I’d find bullets far more helpful as well!

I would love this as well! The dash isn’t very visually distinct while scanning through notes.

Maybe just replace the dash with a

  • standard
  • bullet?

This was one of the first things I noticed when I copied over my OneNote notes to Agenda.
Really annoying that you only can choose one type of bullet list.

Would love to see more options!

I’d certainly prefer having standard bullets (filled circles) rather than hyphens

Agree, a choice of bullets is not necessary, but a circle instead of a dash would improve the layout of notes.

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I need to chime in on this one too.

I know no other editor that uses dash for bullet.

The - is a dash and a • is a bullet :smile: I find it very odd that bullet lists use a dash. It’s not a dash list it’s a bullet list. Can we please have a bullet or at the least options? Looking at the competition, they even color the bullet, which somehow emphasises the list.

The way it works now, it feels more like an error parsing markdown.

Thank you

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Changing the dashes to bullets would be a very easy modification, and I’d bet most of us would agree. Coloring the bullets with the Agenda orange would also help.

You really should. Hyphens/dashes are not as nice as actual bullets. They look rather sloppy.

For such a polished and pretty app, it’s rather surprising. Mac and iOS users are drawn to apps with good aesthetics, and this is an odd choice.

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Yes! Bullets are bullets. Dashes are dashes. Dashes are not bullets.

+1 for bullets over dashes

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+1 for bullets over dashes

But also +1 for more styles with different bullets

I requested this almost a year ago - it’s time. Hyphens are not bullets.

Sorry, it doesn’t have a very high priority I’m afraid. Not saying there won’t be a time in the future where we’ll offer more options, but we have other things that are more important at this point.


Just wanted to pop in and add my vote for a bullet instead of a dash. I love the colored bullets in Bear. I don’t need bullet choices, I just want a pretty bullet instead of a dash. I associate the dash with for example .txt files where I don’t have a bullet and I have to use the dash. In other words, psychologically it indicates working around the absence of a desired feature. Not a good look!


I’m in too. Regular bullets are much better than hyphens.

+1 from me too! It’s not about adding huge customability. Please just replace the dash with a bullet!

Hmmmm… It looks like you didn’t read what people are wishing for. Eveyone in the thread says that they’d be happy if you just replaced the dash with a bullet and I agree with them.