Better people management leveraging meeting attendees

Who attended a meeting is important for me, and being able to search and tag them in a human way would be great.

1.) It would be great if it wasn’t just part of the note text, but a first-class field called ‘Attendees’.

2.) It’s nice to show me the email address, but perhaps there’s a way you can grab their full name, like in the From field of an email.

3.) If you can’t grab the full name, or even if you can, allow me to alias people, so anytime that email address shows up it’s human readable (i.e. Mike Jones vs., and I can associate all of my @ mentions to that person using their human name.

4.) Allow me to sort and filter by people

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We would like to introduce a manager for tags and people, and integration with Contacts app. It’s in our roadmap.

We thought about having separate fields for tags and people, but having it part of the note is very flexible. You can setup your notes how you like. Put the people at the top, or the bottom, or mix them into the text. That’s why we went this way.

Thanks for the feedback!



Thanks for the reply!

I agree that having it part of the text is useful. I wonder, though, is there a difference between ‘attendees’ and ‘people tagged in notes’ — my inclination is towards having ‘attendees’ being a proper field (I’m not sure this is necessary for tags), because attendees are a distinct organizing principle. Just because you’re mentioned in a note doesn’t mean that the note should be organized by that person (e.g. “Need to talk to @Tom about this vs. “@Jane to follow up on this”)

In the world where attendees are a field, those names could be auto-populated and clickable. Right now, the text at the top feels “flimsy” since it’s easily mutable.

Just my 2c!

Thank you so much for building this!!

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Hello, I totally agree with chrys. Normally, first thing you do at a meeting is checking who is there.
So an attendee field is imho mandatory.The entries in that field should be linked to their respective email so that the report can be send to the people right after the notes have been taken.
That would save a lot of time taking notes during a meeting.

I don’t think one has to exclude the other, just as we auto-fill the notes content of the event you are linking a note to, we could also auto-add the people tags once we support proper integration with the address book, which has always been the plan from day one.

Again, we don’t want to go the specific fields for ABC route, you quickly end up in a csm/database/very structured scenario. Instead we prefer to offer the building blocks that allows building your workflow. A combination of templates and contact integration can make all of this totally feasible without any need for specific fields.