Basic Feature list

This app is fantasic and the unique angle of timeline is just great. I totally appreciate the effort.

I am pretty much sure you guys have done market research and given there are so many products in this area but some of the apps I personally like

  • OneNote
  • Bear App
  • Typora
  • Apple Notes
  • Dropbox Paper

Some of the following features

  • Flexibility to save file on location i.e. Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud

    • This flexibility gives me peace of mind for security as well as notes availability using their syncing. This is hard problem so it makes sense to stand on shoulders of these giants
  • Table of Content in Note

  • Code blocks and synctax highligthing

  • Tagging

  • Tables support

  • Newline in table support

  • Latex support for maths

  • Can I tag code blocks?

  • Focus mode

  • Store attachments in notes (I saw someone already mentioned this)

  • Nested tagging

  • Apple pencil support

  • Intelligent learning i.e. if flight number is matched then highlight

  • It would be super amazing if Agenda eventually support encryption when storing file in Dropbox/Google Drive/One Drive etc.

Please discard above comments if Agenda already supports it but so far what I have explored I am not able to find above.

All of above does not mean I undermine the efforts but having above would just make it perfect top of line notes app to make switch and also would be willing to pay for premium features.

Thanks for the detailed feedback. Many of the things on the list are on our roadmap.

Note that we already do have tags, and person tags.


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Any chance of making the roadmap public? As I use Agenda (just installed it today!), I’m developing my own feature wishlist.

Would love to have a way to quickly know if my own particular preferences have already been noted, and perhaps to have a way to add my “+1” if it has.

Here is our short term plan: The features we are working on right now…

Beyond that there are other features we know we need to address, but haven’t laid down a firm roadmap yet. iOS is definitely the most important now, followed closely by attachments and images.

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