Autocorrect issues

Autocorrect performs in weird ways in this app when writing in Swedish. I use an iPad Pro and I with the magic keyboard set to Swedish.
It occasionally changes valid and correctly spelled words to other words of similar characters and length but completely different meaning. It also sometimes capitalizes the first or second letter without any apparent reason. I also saw this complaint from others in the Swedish App Store for the app.
I’ve never experienced this in any other app. I don’t think it happens on MacOS, only on iPad.

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This is very odd, as we don’t do anything special in the autocorrect. It is just Apple’s standard autocorrect, which should be the same for nearly all apps (unless they create their own).

When you say it does strange things, do you mean it changes the words to other words, but not the one you wanted? Or do you mean it leaves extra letters or something like that?

If you can come up with a particular example, perhaps I can test it. You would have to explain to me the steps, perhaps with screenshots, so I can try it myself, as I don’t speak Swedish. The simpler the test the better, as long as it shows the problem.

Thanks for reporting this.

Absolutely, I made a brief Youtube video where I misspell and butcher some words just to illustrate the issue:

  • Changes “varfö” (close to “varför” - swedish for “why”) to “VA-förening” (translates to short for “water supply and sewage treatment association”).
  • Randomly inserts “TT” into the swedish word for “one”.
  • Changes “på hur” (swedish for “on how”) to ppåhitt which is the swedish word for fabrication/figment with an extra “p” in the beginning.

I’ve been doing some further testing and have some more thoughts about this. The autocorrect might work as it should but I think the problem is that the app is disregarding the first letter of the word and autocorrects the rest of it, even though the letters are connected. This would explain some, if not all, of the bizarre corrections it’s making.

Are you definitely on the latest version of the app? There have been various changes to the text editor. Should be 5.0.

If you would like to test our beta version, I can add you to the test flight group.

Thinking about it, I didn’t realize the iPad had this type of autocorrection. Is that new on the iPad Pro? I thought on iOS you always tapped the word above the keyboard.


Yes, I’m on 5.0.

This type of automatic autocorrect is AFAIK usually for small edits with a high degree of certainty of being correct like “Im” to “I’m” and “teh” to “the”. I might be wrong about this but I think they refer to it as “Auto-Correction” while tapping the word above is referred to as “Check Spelling”.
I don’t think this is new for the new iPad Pro, but the most recent iPad Pro and the previous generation are the only ones I’ve owned so I can’t really tell.

The Auto-Correction is happening far too frequently when I’m writing in Swedish. It’s making edits to completely unrelated words with only a few characters in common with the original word. It also seems to trigger on all characters except the first one occasionally, as I wrote previously.

I’m not seeing these problems when writing in English at all. I’m also not seeing it when writing in Swedish with Auto-Correction on in other apps, such as Notes, Bear or Drafts.

I could test the beta if that has a chance of fixing the issue, sure.

This could actually be a dictionary issue, as in, you have been typing Swedish with the English keyboard active, what then happens is that it will incorrectly trigger the auto-correct, but worse, if you dismiss a suggestion it will also “learn” that word and now pop up more frequently.

Does it help if you go to the Settings app > General > Reset (at the bottom) > Reset Keyboard Dictionary ?

The fact that it works correctly in English suggests it’s not an Agenda issue.

No, resetting the keyboard dictionary did not help. It’s also suggesting Swedish words that I’ve never used before in my life (rather than English words incorrectly learned).
I think the fact that it works correctly in other apps and that at least one other user have mentioned similar issues in the (Swedish) app store suggest that it is an issue with Agenda.

It is very odd. As Alex says, you would expect the same problem in all languages. But if you say other apps don’t have the same issue, I guess we are doing something different to cause the issue. Will try to investigate. Maybe it is similar to problems we had with certain Asian keyboards.

I’m having this issue too! I’m writing both in Turkish and English and this problem occurs with both of them. Also I’m facing this problem when using Gboard for keyboard too. Only in Agenda.

We use Agenda in English, and haven’t seen the issue ourselves. We don’t have iPad Pro though, so it might be something that only affects that. Or maybe we haven’t turned on the “Check Spelling” option on the iPad. Will investigate.

This really annoying problem also occurs when using the Danish keyboard on iPhone 7 with iOS 12.2.

Just to confirm: this is only during the “Check Spelling” part right? Not the autocorrect.

Has anyone seen it on a device other than iPad Pro?

I downloaded Agenda for my iPhone to test this and I get the same issues there as well. So it happens on both iPhone X and iPad Pro, with and without Magic Keyboard.
I’m not really sure how spelling correction works on MacOS (I have auto correction in Pages but not in Agenda for example, not sure why) but I’ve never seen it happen there.

It’s like an “Auto-Correction” bug since it changes the words instantaneously the same way it would change “teh” to “the”, but it changes words way outside of the scope of the regular auto correction. I think part of it is because it disregards the first letter of the word (giving double capital letters) as well as spaces but there’s probably more to it than that.

Yes, I believe that is the “Check Spelling” option, which is separate to the autocorrection. We will investigate this. Thanks for helping track it down.

I have the same issue. I use norwegian and English. The issues only occur when I use the Norwegian keyboard. It also seems like I hit the wrong letters (psychical) a lot more when I type in the agenda ios app compared to when I type in other apps on iOS.

We have no control over the keyboard entry, so I don’t think hitting the wrong keys can be down to Agenda. It’s all in Apple’s frameworks.

We will investigate the check spelling issue.

FWIW, I’ve had a similar issue in English on macOS outside of the Agenda app.

I have the same issue. I think it is mainly when I write in Swedish.

I’m having similar issues with just English. When I delete misspelled parts of a word, and type in the correct spelling for the rest of it, Agenda sees it as me typing a new word, and autocorrects it to what it thinks it should be.