Auto-population of notes after linking to event

I notice when I link to a calendar event, my agenda note get populated with the notes in the event as well as attendees (Exchange Calendar), all of which are great. What would be even better is when pulling the attendee’s Agenda automatically tagged them as people. Currently I have to manually tag them

This auto population can be a real pain though - happened to me when I was in a meeting, created an Agenda note from the event, to take notes, and found the note filled with endless email text. Because I’d originally added the event to my calendar using create event in Airmail.

As I was doing this on an iPhone, it was near impossible to delete the garbage and start taking notes!

A really cool feature would be if Agenda detected when there’s lots of text, (in the calendar event) and asked if you want to add it to your note.

That makes a lot of sense as part of making people tags more powerful indeed, for example we first have to support spaces in people names before we can make this work well. Thanks for the suggestion.

A simple workaround is to first create the note and add some text in it, and then link to the event. Agenda won’t populate the note with the text from the calendar event in that case.

Ah, didn’t realise that! Thanks

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