Audio Recording with Tracking

One item that I find valuable in digital notetaking is the ability to record audio notes that ‘sync’ natively to app based on the digital notes being taken. One such app that does this well is notability on the iOS platform. It can record audio and sync with your text and drawings where upon playback, the text and ink is slightly grayed or more transparent until the audio timeline matches the text/ink timeline.


Thanks for the feedback! We’ll consider this in future.

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I’ve used Notability for years and this is the ONLY feature that stops me from switching to Agenda.

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I completely agree with the other comments. I am a photographer and want to be able to record audio notes while out shooting but have these integrated into my note/diary app. I have downloaded Agenda and like the look of it but am reluctant to commit to switching from another app i.e. Dyrii, until I know that it does all that I need - because this is a big commitment. The ability to add attachments is also mission critical for me. If Agenda can deliver this then I will switch and upgrade to premium immediately. A bonus would be if - like Dyrii -the app also had the (optional) ability to automatically add location data to notes.

We are working on attachments now. Once we have that in, we can think about audio recording, drawing, etc. These aspects depend on the attachment support.

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Thanks - I will continue to explore Agenda then transfer and upgrade when attachments are available

Hi Drew! Just wondering if there was any further thought into a this type of feature ever being implemented within Agenda. It’s super helpful for keeping up with the conversation as you take notes.

Thought, certainly. We have definitely considered it, and it would be great. For now, it is not at the top of the list though. There are just too many other features that affect a wider audience. But maybe down the track…

Thanks for the feedback!

Audio recording is the only reason I’m not using Agenda. I attend many meetings during the day and don’t like writing all the time. I prefer to pay attention and interact with others. I bought the Agenda and I like it, but I’m still stuck with Noted, Notability … just because of this feature.

Thanks for the feedback. Would be a nice feature.

Perhaps you can explain a little how you use this feature in other apps. Are you just after a record button on each note, which generates an audio file when you stop, and inserts it in the note?

Sorry for the extremely late reply. Yes, it would allow you to record, has a special ‘audio file’ that you can export if you want but if played back in the app, it can also match up (time) with what you’re typing on the screen.