Audio Recording with Tracking

Love the concept of this one. It would be so cool and add to the Niche of Agenda - about Meetings and stuffs like that. Excited to see how the developers would do this. You guys really have taste and style.

Just wanted to add my vote. I currently use Notability everyday. The only thing keeping me from switching to Agenda is the ability record during note taking. I primarily use it to help me recap meetings with customers and my team. Additionally, it is incredibly useful when attending a conference or lecture.

Very important feature indeed. One of my use case is note taking during meetings and having the ability to record with timestamp (Or some sort or tagging) would be very useful.

Great suggestion. Please consider adding this soon.

I made an audio REC UI concept, similar to Notability, but only if this functionality is approved by developers and if it’s for the best and of course if they have time, amongst many other people’s wishlist, but it will take time.

Ideally if it can also:

  • Be able to continue to use Agenda & switching to/from other apps, while in the background it’s still recording / playing

  • Have fast FF/RWind buttons [not shown]

V1.0 Audio Rec can literally just be a single button REC/PLAY/PAUSE then additional audio features can be added later. We could also have a way to search all audio notes. In the meantime, just link to an Apple Voice Memo.

I have been trying to replace Apple Notes for 2 years, now I found Agenda, I will buy it tomorrow. Cheers.

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Excellent indeed.

Having the ability to add current date time for both text and recording would be great for tracking.

For example #time adding current date time

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Thanks for the suggestion. I don’t think the design is really the big issue at this point. It is just the 24 hours in a day thing :wink:

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Recording meetings is a key feature of OneNote and Evernote that I miss in Agenda. I look forward to it being in the future release schedule.


I second this request. It’s the one function that keeps me tied to Notability.

Would you be satisfied with just being able to setup a recording in Agenda that eventually inserted an audio file? Or do you really want full on audio tracking, with corresponding text anchors? (This is much more difficult.)

I use the latter in my classes - recording the entire lecture, taking anchored notes as appropriate. Even more useful - Notability also transcribes the audio as well. Not perfectly, of course, but it does a decent job of it. For me, those are indispensable features.

~ L

Yes, I think that is Notabilities main features. It’s a focus of theirs.

We would like to add some audio features. Looking at how best to do that.

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if you want to do something revolutionary look at the mac app MacWhisper. You could easily add transcription. it’s free and open source. I added it to my local nodejs server in a couple of hours. Whisper ai, by openai can be used free, local, in device and can be used however you like including commercially. And the transcriptions are nearly 100 percent accurate. Way way way better than Apple’s dictation. No api, fees and their small model works great and even on old intel macs. And it probably works on mobile too.

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Thanks! Yes, have been considering Whisper for a bunch of things. Will take it along. I think we are waiting a bit to see Apple’s AI play in June. If they add Whisper like functions for dictation, probably better to wait for that.

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The Gurman report just came out in advance of WWDC and they are reporting that Apple’s Voice Memo app will include transcription. There also mention that some AI libraries wil be added to XCode. Overall, Gurman suggests that Apple’s AI is not going to be very splashy in comparison to OpenAI, Microsoft and Google, that their LLM isn’t ready for prime time so it won’t be rolled out and that they’ll mostly be adding AI yto some of their stock apps like Safari and Apple Notes.

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Wouldn’t be a big surprise to me if that were true, Apple has a history of first adding features to their own apps before making things available to developers. And unfortunately where the latter would be a given in the past, this has become less and less true in recent years :sleepy:

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Like how apple notes’ hardwired integration to some of their apps and no ability to set a default notes app. I guess they forgot about MS & Internet Explorer.

So now we know. Apple will include transcription in Apple Notes but s as far as I can tell, that’s not available to other apps except the phone. What does that do to your consideration of integrating whisper into Agenda.

Haven’t given it much thought yet, but I am playing with Whisper on a hobby project, so maybe that will give us an idea.

How does transcription differ from Dictation exactly? Is it just that it is constantly recording?

I still need to see yesterday’s sessions. Will no doubt find out…