Assigning dates to individual list items

I have a question. I’m a new user so forgive me if this has already been discussed. If I create a set of tasks within a note, it it possible to assign dates (aka due dates) to each of them separately, regardless of the date of the note?

Related to this is it possible to get a view that only shows tasks, without the other note test, and even better be abble to select dates/danges to view. as well as possibly other things such as tasks within a project or tasks containing a tag in the text?



I’m sure someone more experienced will chime in, but in my limited experience so far, you can assign a due date with a tag to one particular line, regardless of the date of the note, but it won’t show up in your calendar. None of your notes show up in your calendar unless you actually link them to an event (or create a new event).

I have been using some due date tags for things that are not actually calendar events. For example “#due(20180604)” turns into “due(Jun 4, 2018).” There are probably quicker ways to type the date; I use military format and it translates. There doesn’t seem to be any way to view these due dates later in an organized way, but I go to “Search All” and enter “#due” and it pulls up all notes that have any due date. They seem to come up in order of project rather than chronological order. I think it would be most helpful to see them chronologically.

As for showing only tasks, I think it has been discussed a few times in other posts, so the developers are aware folks want this feature.

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Oh also, you can narrow down searches by selecting a range of dates (click beginning date, hold shift key, click end date), or you can search just within a project instead of ‘Search All’… or you can do both. For example, ‘#due’ this week in project A, by first going to the project, then select range of dates, then enter ‘#due’ in search field.

Back to the question about finding only tasks, I think someone in another post requested search support for -[] which would theoretically find all the task bubbles. Knowing the -[] shortcut has made typing lists much faster for me, but currently it does not come up in searches. Not sure if that will be added sometime, but it has definitely been requested.

I have experimented with this method. The problem is that if there is a positive search result, search returns the whole note. I would only want to see the specific tasks that meet the criteria. IMO foe this to truly be a merging of calendar, notes, and tasks, it should have good task views. It should be the user’s choice wherher to view the entire note context or just the tasks that meet the aeach criteria.

You’re right; it brings up the whole notes. I also wish it could return just the particular line that is tagged, but so far I have been able to work with this fine. The searched tags are highlighted in yellow, so it catches my eye easily, but yeah with the entirety of the notes it is a lot of text to scan through.

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Thank you Harmony, @mrcville she’s right. It’s not possible to assign dates to individual tasks, the due date tags are the way to go there.

The problem is that if there is a positive search result, search returns the whole note.

Indeed, we don’t yet offer showing only matching paragraphs, and/or unchecked todo items, etc. We hope to bring more options and overviews in the future.

Thank you @mekentosj for your reply. I understand that you are building out a rich feature set and appreciate that you cannot delivery everything at once. You have, however, made a remarkable product. My struggle is that I have been looking for a tool that can:

  • Act as a rich text note taking application where notes can be organized in both formal (structural) ways as well as informal (tag based) ways.
  • Act as a system where items entered in the tool (notes, tasks, appointments) can be synced as needed with third-party counterparts (Google Calendar, Todoist, Leankit, etc.).
  • Act as a full featured task management system (depth could be negotiable based on ability to sync with third-party tools). As I mentioned, I want to be able to see tasks both as independent entities with their own status, dates, even notes and comments, But I also want to be able to view them within the context they were created (a note).
  • For those of us that are forced into the Windows world at work, I would hope that you are considering a browser-based option so notes could be recorded regardless of the platform,

Does this track with your roadmap? It is a big investment for me to move to a new tool. If this is the direction you are heading, I will be very excited to start using the tool in earnest. Thanks so much for your time.

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Thank you so much for your kind words, we appreciate that! A lot definitely overlaps with our roadmap, some we can promise, some we don’t know yet and time will tell. Best to keep an eye on The features we are working on right now…, we’ll do our best!