Append-to-note without changing insertion pointer

Is there a way for the append-to-note action not to open the note after appending text to it? I am trying to emulate the Bullet Journal’s “task migration” routine by creating a shortcut with Keyboard Maestro:

It works almost fine, except for losing the insertion point, which is undesirable. (Also, I guess I am able to edit the original line only by luck, because Keyboard Maestro is doing things fast enough before a refresh in Agenda’s interface).

Thanks for the feedback. Will see what we can do.

Perhaps insert some pauses or use the x-success callbacks to make sure Agenda keeps up.

Kind regards,

Thanks, Drew. I think I found a good alternative (described in this post).

Anyway, I think it would be nice to have a “silent” way for handling Agenda’s notes, as it would very much improve the possibilities for automation. This is perhaps a feature for when the Agenda becomes a fully scriptable app? :slight_smile: